YouTube bans channel for sharing trailer to movie that is critical of Islam

After uploading four different trailers for the new documentary-movie Art Of Imposture, the “Isaac Marshall” YouTube channel, which was paired with my Google account, was suspended. The trailers, which included no graphic content, are already readily available on YouTube on the channel of the movie’s creator and were mirrored by my channel.

WATCH: Art of the Imposture.

This is not the first time trailers for Art Of Imposture have been wrongfully removed, however, as YouTube had previously taken down the trailers on the original creator’s channel, but after he appealed, they found the videos to be in accordance with their guidelines. As my channel was deleted immediately with a one-time triple strike, there was no chance for the verdict to be overturned, despite the fact that one of the videos was reinstated to the non-existent channel.

The anonymous filmmaker says that Art Of Imposture is “eye-opening, [there’s] nothing quite like this film at the moment, a definite must-watch. Footage like this has never been released before in a non-fiction film; these are not actors. It is a documentary so shocking regardless of your politics that it cannot fail to move your sense of humanity. Pulling no punches, this is not for the faint of heart; it is very real. It commands attention as an object lesson in the banality of evil and provides an incredible insight into the mindset of Islam. It is a frequently difficult film to watch, but it remains an essential historical document.”

Some of Art Of Imposture, although all gore is extensively blurred, involves haunting footage. It covers boys casting lots and children learning the Qur’an in a Sharia institute, goofing around, drinking coffee; yet only minutes later, in real time, getting into a vehicle, driving to a target and blowing themselves up. Describing Art Of Imposture as a “study of evil,” the filmmaker admitted that some of the images made for uncomfortable viewing, although “The visuals are stunning and the narrative compelling. If you put this stuff into a drama, you wouldn’t believe it. You’d say that it’s not plausible, that it doesn’t make sense — unless you read their religious book. It is disturbing, terrifying, enlightening, captivating, frightening and horrific.”

Art Of Imposture is a brave and unrivalled film. The movie is no-holds-barred, combining the doctrine of Islam, those teachings in practice, and a speech by Usama Dakdok. The film takes the viewer through the speech by Dakdok while showing footage of Islam’s teachings in action, although the gore is heavily blurred. Watch the full movie now at via this link and download it via this link. The links are also included on my new website, Islam Refuted. Viewer discretion is advised.



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