FLORIDA: Muslim arrested for shooting at random cars in busy gas station parking lot

We will probably soon hear that Ahmad Jihad Bojeh is mentally ill, but it is also true that the Islamic State and al-Qaeda have repeatedly called upon Muslims in the U.S. to do violence to random people.

“Deputies arrest man accused of shooting at cars at Wawa gas station,” FOX 35 News, May 15, 2021:

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man deputies say was caught on video shooting at cars in a busy Wawa gas station parking lot.

Ahmad Jihad Bojeh, 24, has been arrested for attempted first-degree murder.

Deputies say they responded to the Wawa at 4397 W. Vine Street in Kissimmee on Thursday night.

“The suspect was captured on video shooting at the victim and at random vehicles in the parking lot,” deputies said….


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