ELECTION INGETRITY MAP: Understanding the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Your State!

The Heritage Foundation for America (HFFA) has put out some is some excellent information on Election Integrity. As we are entering 2022, and the mid-term elections, every American voter needs to understand where their state stands on election integrity.

As you already know, to their SHAME the 14 RINOs listed below led by Mitch McConnell joined all Senate Democrats to increase the Debt Ceiling thereby helping Democrats fully fund all of their previously approved social welfare programs disguised as infrastructure.

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska; Joni Ernst of Iowa;  Mitch McConnell of Kentucky;  Susan Collins of Maine; Roger Wicker of Mississippi; Roy Blunt of Missouri; Thom Tillis of North Carolina;  Richard Burr of North Carolina;  Rob Portman of Ohio;  John Thune of South Dakota;  John Cornyn of Texas;  Mitt Romney of Utah; Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia and John Barrasso of Wyoming.

– Heritage Action For America Update –

The House and Senate were in session this week, marking the last time either chamber will meet until 2022.

We’ve got some important legislative updates for you… but first we wanted to introduce you to The Heritage Foundation’s newest tool for election integrity!

Election Integrity Scorecard

On Tuesday, The Heritage Foundation released the Election Integrity Scorecard that ranks states based upon their election laws.

This awesome new tool will allow you to dive deep into your state’s election integrity measures so you can see how good your state’s laws are and where there is room for improvement. Check it out here!

Georgia is the state with the highest score––which is no surprise given the tireless efforts of Heritage Action Sentinels to pass election integrity reforms in the Peach State.

Florida and Texas aren’t too far behind––two states that our Sentinels have also worked tirelessly to pass election integrity laws.

While this scorecard shows us the great work you have all accomplished this year, it also shows us where we need to improve to ensure it’s easy to vote, but hard to cheat across the country.

That’s what Executive Director Jessica Anderson talked about when she stopped by our podcast studio Thursday for the latest episode of On Air with Heritage Action.

On Air with Heritage Action is the perfect podcast for conservative activists––it will help you stay in the loop with what’s going on in Washington and give you very useful ways to actually take action. The best part is you get all of this in 5 minutes or less!

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The Good and the Bad: NDAA and Debt Limit

As we broke down for you in last week’s Saturday Summary, Congress agreed to terms late last week on both the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and a debt limit increase.

This week, Congress officially passed both bills, one of which is GOOD for the country and one of which is BAD for the country.

The Good––NDAA:

  • Increased military funding by $30 billion compared to the previous year. This ensures our military is fully funded and ensures our service members are paid well.
  • Thanks to your efforts, the “Draft our Daughters” provision was removed
  • And a problematic “red flag” provision related to gun rights was also removed!
The Bad––Debt Limit:
  • In a near party-line vote, Congress agreed to raise the debt ceiling by $2.5 TRILLION, pushing it to $31.4 TRILLION. Make no mistake––this $2.5 trillion debt ceiling increase is to pay for Congressional Democrats’ past, present, and future spending addiction. This much debt without reforms to address the issue is very, very bad for the country.
  • Filibuster carveout––Democrats bypassed the filibuster to raise the debt ceiling with the help of Senate Republican leadership. It sets a bad precedent for filibuster exceptions in the future.

The Left’s disastrous “Build Back Better” bill––more accurately described as the “Build Back Broke” bill––looks to be in major jeopardy in the Senate as Democrats delayed voting on the bill until next year.

Adding to Democrats’ woes is the recent ruling by the Senate Parliamentarian that Democrats can’t include mass amnesty as part of the reconciliation process.

These developments are a win!

The Democrats’ “Build Back Broke” bill would be the greatest expansion of the welfare state since LBJ, and without the Left’s budget gimmicks, would cost $5 TRILLION dollars, adding $3 TRILLION to the national debt according to a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report.

Soaring inflation is another major concern with this bill. Inflation is at a 40-year high and prices are up nearly 7% from last year.

How will the Biden administration fix it? They want to spend trillions more and add trillions to the debt… sure, because pouring trillions more into the system will have no impact on prices…

That’s why it’s a win that Democrats will push BBB to next year.

They’ve been trying for months to pass this disaster of a bill, but thanks to your efforts they won’t succeed.

Please keep contacting your Senator so that they vote NO on Build Back Broke!

Call your Senator and tell them to REJECT BBB!

On Tuesday, Jessica Anderson joined John Soloman on Just the News for a special report on “Washington’s Whiffs” in 2021––a recap of the disastrous policies the Left have implemented this year and what’s coming next year.

In addition to Jessica, the program includes some great guests like Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), Rep. Mary Miller (R-Ill.), and Heritage Foundation President Dr. Kevin Roberts.

Watch the full episode:

Thank you for your support, time, and effort in advocating for conservative policies in government. We couldn’t do what we do without you, so thank you!

Jessica and the Heritage Action team

Join the fight to advance the conservative agenda.



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