January 6th, 2021 Was No Insurrection

As the first anniversary of the Peaceful meeting and rally of President Trump patriots in DC and the march to the Capitol arrives, a known bed of evil and treasonous swamp dwellers from both parties also arrives and we will be watching and listening to the lies spouting out of Democrats and leftist so called Republicans like Liz Cheney mouths as they desperately attempt to affect the 2022 mid term elections where they know they will receive a massive shellacking in and try to make president Trump into the bad guy. We will hear calls for him to be prosecuted and to never be allowed to hold public office again. We will hear from the corrupt AG and Usurper Joe Biden about the slant they keep putting on the unconstitutional actions like no bail and mental and physical torture they have taken against the demonstrators, terrorist or insurrectionists as they love to call them. Political theater. A dog and pony show. About extremist right wing militias and domestic terrorist. Blaming Oathkeepers and Proud boys and III%ers. Propaganda is what it is. Tell the story enough and stupid sheep like people will believe it. However a majority do not nor will they believe the blatant lies.

This so called insurrection and assault on the Capitol building was not that. It was not a riot. It was not organized, especially by the Trump camp. It was not organized by any right wing militia or organization although the MSM and these liars are always looking to blame OATHKEEPERS III%ers and The Proud Boys among others. I know members of the latter and have been a member of the former two since their inception. None planned an insurrection.

Was there a small group of nutters there from both sides, left and right, looking for trouble? Possibly.

Was it a red flag event? Very likely. Were alphabet agencies involved in that red flag event. Guaranteed.

The leftists understand they have no proof to back up their lies. No policemen were killed by protesters. Understand this America. The Capitol Police Force is a leftist politically run and controlled force that has ZERO credibility. They lie. It was in fact one of their officers who murdered an unarmed, white, military vet female, Ashli Babbitt, by shooting her for no reason. That cop instead of going to prison is a hero to the left. Protocols relating to deadly uses of force were not followed. They hid the name of the officer before he was cleared in a BS internal investigation. Here is his treasonous name:- Lt. Michael Byrd, a black officer and coward who should have faced charges as serious as other white officers around the country have faced in other shootings, usually of black males. Those charges should have included First Degree Murder. He premeditatedly pulled his service weapon ( one he had left behind previously in a toilet ) aimed and shot at Ashli, a small lady who was offering no threat of any physical nature to that coward. He pulled the trigger and murdered her. He got a free pass and is, as I said previously, considered a hero among the leftists and extremists in the administration.

Since the protest the corrupt FBI among other corrupt federal and local authorities have been committed to a witch hunt of everyone there that say. They have spent millions and millions of tax payer money to hound, locate, arrest, charge and intimidate those falsely arrested. They have been unconstitutionally held in terrible circumstances, treated abysmally and cruelly by black prison guards, not allowed a bond, not allowed contact as held in solitary confinement, not allowed other constitutional rights like murderers and thieves and rapists are like visits, religious services etc. Armed SWAT teams have gone in at early hours to arrest them, bashing down doors and arresting young, old, disabled and others just to let their neighbors think these people are armed domestic terrorists. Their lives have been ruined. Their jobs removed, their companies closed. They are mentally tortured until some just take a plea deal to end the torture and injustice. Others have agreed to give evidence that they have been forced and coerced into unconstitutionally and therefore illegally.

When compared to the actions taken against actual riots, arson, battery, assaults, murders, larcenies and looters of real domestic terrorist groups like BLM, ANTIFA, Defund the Police, communist and anarchist and other extremist leftist groups that took place in mostly democrat controlled cities, we see a level of hypocrisy not seen before. There you could kill police officers, destroy cities and buildings, ransack stores and homes, attack innocent people with gay abandon knowing you would not be arrested or charged.

We are going to see an almost constant barrage of news showing members of the house reminiscing about what they call an insurrection, about how scared they were, about how they texted their partners to say they may die that day. How they have suffered from PTSD. This extreme propaganda, which will be run 24/7, will show doctored videos and sound clips made to show the accuracy of their view on that infamous day. The lies will try to feed into the narrative that this was an organized riot and insurrection organized by Trump. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only real violence and deplorable actions taken that were by the treasonous Capitol Police Force who actually got away with murder that day. DO NOT FEED INTO THAT CRAP. That is all it is. Propaganda made for who they consider the uneducated proletariat sheep. The January 6th rally and subsequent march to the Capitol was just that. There were no militias on the ground firing people up. OATHKEEPERS, III%ers and Proud Boys etc were not organizing anything there that day. Let’s be honest. The people there were angry that it appeared with some GOP help that the Democrats had actually got away with stealing an election. History will eventually prove this.

The intimidation of law abiding citizens must stop. Only we, the people, can do this. Our main method would be a fair election process which we know is almost non existent thanks to the corruption of the democrat party and the extremists that have over taken it. They stole the 2020 election. They will try influencing or stealing the upcoming 2022 mid term elections. We cannot allow it. We need to be ever vigilant during the entire mid term process.

If we fail then there are only a few other options I can see as plausible. One would be a complete breakup of the Constitutional Republic and the other would be a civil war. Left against Right. Patriots against America haters. Constitutionalists against communists. Constitutionalists against anarchism’s, socialists, Marxist’s and the entire gamut that makes up the left.

I pray the last possibility is just that. A possibility.

However, when the tide is turned, however that occurs, justice must be seen to be done. Corrupt and treasonous politicians, corporate leaders, MSM leaders and reporters, military leaders and law enforcement officials who have all betrayed their Oaths need to be seen receiving their just punishments. Prison time, forfeiture of assets and pensions and yes, in some cases, the death penalty.

Some call me a radical. I am not. I have witnessed first hand the results of where we are heading as a nation. Trust me here – you do not want to be there.

It is time to actually drain the swamp in its entirety. Remove all elements. Whatever the cost in money, lives and/or time. The alternative does not bear thinking about.

PS:- From President Trump.

“In light of the total bias and dishonesty of the January 6thUnselect Committee of Democrats, two failed Republicans, and the Fake News Media, I am canceling the January 6th Press Conference at Mar-a-Lago on Thursday, and instead will discuss many of those important topics at my rally on Saturday, January 15th, in Arizona,” Trump wrote.

Trump also accused leadership of denying requests for the D.C. National Guard and military to be at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. As President of the United States, Trump was the Commander in Chief of the United States Military; the D.C. National Guard is also the only National Guard unit that reports only to the President.

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