WATCH: ‘The Truth about January 6th’ Documentary

What really happened on January 6th, 2021 in Washington, D.C.? There has been much coverage of the rally after the 2020 presidential election. Those in the media, the Democrat Party and their leaders were quick to label it an “insurrection.” The definition of an insurrection is, “a violent uprising against an authority or government.”

The fact is that the only people murdered, arrested and held in prison on and after January 6th were peaceful protestors who were invited into the U.S. capital building by the Capital Police and others.

Watch ‘The Truth about January 6th‘ Documentary published by Gateway Pundit:


Watch what Tucker Carlson said on the first anniversary of January 6th.

Save America Foundation reported:

The leftists understand they have no proof to back up their lies. No policemen were killed by protesters. Understand this America. The Capitol Police Force is a leftist politically run and controlled force that has ZERO credibility. They lie. It was in fact one of their officers who murdered an unarmed, white, military vet female, Ashli Babbitt, by shooting her for no reason. That cop instead of going to prison is a hero to the left. Protocols relating to deadly uses of force were not followed. They hid the name of the officer before he was cleared in a BS internal investigation. Here is his treasonous name: Lt. Michael Byrd, a black officer and coward who should have faced charges as serious as other white officers around the country have faced in other shootings, usually of black males. Those charges should have included First Degree Murder. He premeditatedly pulled his service weapon ( one he had left behind previously in a toilet ) aimed and shot at Ashli, a small lady who was offering no threat of any physical nature to that coward. He pulled the trigger and murdered her. He got a free pass and is, as I said previously, considered a hero among the leftists and extremists in the administration.

[ … ]

When compared to the actions taken against actual riots, arson, battery, assaults, murders, larcenies and looters of real domestic terrorist groups like BLM, ANTIFA, Defund the Police, communist and anarchist and other extremist leftist groups that took place in mostly democrat controlled cities, we see a level of hypocrisy not seen before. There you could kill police officers, destroy cities and buildings, ransack stores and homes, attack innocent people with gay abandon knowing you would not be arrested or charged.

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What happened in reality on January 6th was a mostly peaceful protest.

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