Remembering when Josef Stalin’s daughter Svetlana became a Roman Catholic

“One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic” – Josef Vissarionovich Stalin

“The Eucharist has given me life and my father would have shot me for what I have done.” – Svetlana Alliluyeva Stalin

I recently published an article titled “My Twelve ‘Come to Jesus Moments’” and asked readers to share similar moments. In a comment Bruno W. left us a link to a August 28th, 2019 article by Matt Archbold about Svetlana, the daughter of Josef Stalin. The crux of the article was her decision to become a Roman Catholic while her father was the leader of the former Soviet Union.

In a National Catholic Register article titled “‘Taken Into the Arms of Mary’ — When Joseph Stalin’s Daughter Became Catholic” Matt Archbold wrote:

“The Eucharist has given me life,” she [Svetlana] said — and “my father would have shot me for what I have done.”

Today in America we are facing a great battle once again. That battle is between those who would turn America into a totalitarian state like the former Soviet Union and patriots who want to protect and defend our Constitutional Republic.

We found in the article by Archbold elements that we are now seeing here in American – Stalinism raising its ugly head once again.

As they say history has a way of repeating itself.

Do not forget the Wannsee Conference that was held 80 years ago on the morning of November 20, 1942, in a villa on a grand estate in west Berlin. Reinhard Heydrich, second only to Heinrich Himmler in the hierarchy of the SS, organized the event with the express purpose of reaching what he called “the total solution of the Jewish question in Europe.” This was the formula for genocide. The 15 men present were representatives of Nazi institutions such as the Reich Chancellery, the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry for the Occupied Territories, the Propaganda Ministry, and the Office of the Four-Year Plan. All of them were already key figures implementing genocide and were at Wannsee to put the finishing touches to it.

WATCH: Wannsee Conference – Full Movie in German w subtitles

Hitler slaughtered 20 million in what became know as the Holocaust. Stalin slaughter 60 million during his reign.

Today we seeing in Washington, D.C. a new conferences bent on a new “final solution.”

Archbold reported:

While in power, Stalin did everything he could to crush Christianity, closing down thousands of churches and violently torturing, killing, and imprisoning Christians. This is the man who was reputed to have said, “One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic” so you can imagine the merciless persecution he mounted against Christianity. Here is a photo of the demolition of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow on the orders of Stalin, just before Christmas 1931 [view image here].

Today there are powerful forces in America that want to crush Christianity and Judaism. 

Svetlana said this as a warning to us all as she wrote:

“Many people today find it easier to think of [Stalin] as a coarse physical monster. Actually, he was a moral and spiritual monster. This is far more terrifying. But it’s the truth.”

Ironic, then is was Josef Stalin, today it is Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.

Archbold wrote:

Doubts about her father would soon begin. In school, Svetlana would sometimes be handed notes by classmates whose mother or father had been “disappeared” by the state. They were begging her to pass them on to her father.

[ … ]

Later, Svetlana noticed that sometimes even her own relatives disappeared. Even then, Svetlana attributed it, as did so many Russians, as things which Stalin was either unaware of or unable to fix. But years later, her father would flatly tell his daughter that her relatives had been killed simply because “they knew too much. They babbled a lot,” he said, and it “played into the hands of our enemies.”

The Bottom Line

Stalin established as the goal of the ‘five-year plans of atheism’ directed by the League of the Militant Godless eliminating all religious expression in the country. Reportedly, during just the purges of 1937 and 1938, well over 168,300 Russian Orthodox clergy were arrested, a majority of whom were shot. And that was just during two years.

I had ended my column with this warning:

It’s time that each of us, and America itself, to come to Jesus now or our moment will be lost for ever.

Today we are seeing citizens and even entire communities under the yoke of totalitarianism reminiscent of the former Soviet Union. The rational is to protect us from covid. The results are the same, slow death by government mandates.

Today social media, news outlets and even our federal government works to censor those who “knew too much” and “babbled a lot.”

Today’s Facebook community standards are the old Soviet means of suppressing the truth.

But God tells us the truth will set us free. Svetlana wrote:

“The Eucharist has given me life. The Sacrament of Penance with God whom … we abandon and betray each day, the sense of guilt and sadness that invades us then, all this makes it necessary to receive it frequently. I was taken into the arms of the Blessed Virgin Mary. … Who else could be my advocate but the Mother of Jesus? She suddenly drew me close to her.”

Yes, who else could be my advocate, government or the Mother of Jesus.

Time to choose. Choose wisely.

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