SISSY WATCH USA: Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines

While you’re reading our Sissy Watch USA column we thought you might like to listen to Tiny Tim singing Tiptoe Through The Tulips, for fun.

After writing our column “America’s Sissy Problem” we decided to take the next step and identify influential sissies in America.

Our first Sissy Watch USA winner is John “Scott” Kirby.

John Scott Kirby is an American executive currently serving as CEO of United Airlines. He previously served as President of US Airways and American Airlines, as well as President of United Airlines from 2016 to 2020, when he was promoted as CEO.

Holly Hegeman, wrote in PlaneBuzz this about Scott Kirby:

More Scary Photos: Guess Who

It’s clearly a year for major Halloween cross-dressing on the part of airline execs.

Can you guess who these two lovelies are? Yes, that’s right. The Captain and Tennille. Kind of. Sort of.

All I have to say is that US Airways’ President Scott Kirby makes one ugly woman. (The Captain? That’s SVP of Corporate Culture, HR, Dog Catching and whatever else her title includes — Elise Eberwein.)

I guess Love Will Keep Them Together. (Anyone for a little Muskrat Love?)  Nice legs Scott.

Click here to see Scott Kirby in drag.

But Scott Kirby isn’t the only airline executive who cross-dresses. Holly Hegeman, wrote in PlaneBuzz about Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly. Gary Kelly was our first runner up for Sissy Watch.

It’s Halloween. BOO!

For at least two airlines — that means it is time to get scary.

Especially for some of the airlines’ top executives.

Friday over on Denton Drive here in Dallas, it appears that Southwest Airlines‘ former Chairman and CEO Herb Kelleher decided to go with the Willie Nelson/Biker combo look, while current Chairman, President and CEO Gary Kelly pranced down the Yellow Brick Road as Dorothy.

I don’t know what it is with Gary and his cross-dressing tendencies, but ever since he turned out as Edna Turnblad a couple of years ago — we’re almost afraid to look. (Last year Gary and two associates were attired as ZZ Top.) Early betting this year had Gary dressing as Julia Child.

But here’s the one that got me. Anyone know who that is?

That’s US Airways’ COO Robert Isom. I tell you what — that boy has the Barry Gibb thing going, doesn’t he? I hear he hit some pretty high notes Friday as well — as the US Airways’ executive team, aka the Bee Gees, entertained airline employees at the airline’s headquarters in Tempe.

Gotta love that hair.

Click here to view the image of Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines cross-dressed as Dorothy

It seems that Scott is not only into cross-dressing he’s also all-in on vaxx mandates.

In a Fox News article titled “United Airlines pilot says she’s blocked from finding job or accessing 401k for refusing vaccine reported:

United Airlines captain who is on unpaid leave for not complying with her company’s vaccine mandate says she has been locked out of her 401(k) and is prohibited from finding another job.

“I am out on unpaid leave. I am prohibited from getting another job. I’m prohibited from accessing my 401(k). I have no medical benefits, and I’m leading the charge in this fight, so my days are consumed,” United pilot Sherry Walker, co-founder of Airline Employees 4 Health Freedom, told the Daily Signal while attending the “Defeat the Mandates” march in Washington, D.C., on Sunday.

Under Scott, United Airlines has also gone woke. Watch as Tucker Carlson sounds off on United Airlines latest ‘gender, racial’ quota:

The Bottom Line

Sissy Watch USA is dedicated to exposing the sissies among us. We will expose pederast priests, bishops, cardinals, pedophile politicians, corporate CEOs and of course cross dressers. We will include sissyfied actors, actresses, athletes, media and social media icons and of course Mr. Sissy himself Barack Hussein Obama, and his minion Joe Biden.

Why are we doing this? Because someone has too. 

Our role is to present the facts and let our readers make up their own minds.

If you have a sissy you would like us to highlight please leave the information in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading our inaugural Sissy Watch USA column.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


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