WORLD RECORD CONVOY: ‘Freedom Rally’ truckers convoy hits Canada against vax mandates

“In Canada we have one of the biggest revolutions happening. Right now there’s 50,000 truckers and 1.4M people headed to the parliament in Ottawa. And they’re going to stay there until Trudeau resigns, or they give us back all of our freedoms and rights.”

National strikes are essential in the pushback against these autocratic, dangerous edicts.

‘Freedom Rally’ truckers convoy hits Ontario — picking up Conservative political support as it rolls

En route to Ottawa and expected to arrive Saturday in Ottawa, the convoy has been sparked by government measures to stop unvaccinated truckers from crossing the Canada-U.S. border.

By Alex McKeen, The Star, January 25, 2022:

In Kenora, where the temperature was expected to drop to -27C on Tuesday night, a host of volunteers were preparing to welcome a massive convoy of truckers.

About two dozen people could be seen gathered at a community hub downtown, packing boxes of snacks and making sandwiches, in a video livestreamed to Facebook by a supporter of the “Freedom Rally” — a convoy of truckers and their supporters that has been making its way this week from British Columbia to Ottawa in a protest against COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

As the camera passed by, many at the hub shouted “woohoo, truckers!” and wore food-handling gloves, if no masks.

Kenora was scheduled to be the first Ontario stop for the controversial convoy.

The organizer who posted the video told the Star she was “so beyond stoked” that the truckers were coming to the town of about 15,000 people, where according to Statistics Canada data about nine per cent of residents work in the trucking industry themselves.

That organizer then stated that she and everyone supporting the convoy have been told not to speak to the media because “too much smearing of this and not the truth being told.” A second organizer confirmed that the Kenora supporters had been asked by convoy organizers not to speak to media.
Supporters of truck drivers protesting the COVID-19 vaccine mandate cheer on a convoy of trucks on their way to Ottawa, on the Trans-Canada Highway west of Winnipeg on Jan. 25.

Kelli Saunders, meanwhile, had found a parking spot with her husband close to the Trans-Canada Highway, where the truckers would be rolling by. She said they were ready, with homemade signs and five layers of clothing, to go outside and cheer.

“Kenora is located right on the Trans-Canada, between Winnipeg and Thunder Bay. We’re a main thoroughfare,” she said. “Truckers, we see them all the time, they’re just part of the community.”

Saunders said she herself has lost a job due to vaccine mandates, and she supports the truckers’ message.

“This has been a hard two years for everyone. It’s been extremely mentally draining,” she said. “I’m really proud of this group of truckers and the way Canada has come together along the route to support them.”

Not everyone in the town was packing food and supplies.

Leslei Scott, who said she lives just 20 metres from the highway, had no plans to go out to watch the convoy, and not just because it was “too damn cold,” though that was certainly a factor.

“People have been used to an amazing life with certain freedoms … but during a pandemic the government has the ability to alter them,” she said. “I think they are protesting whatever the government is mandating them to do, be it vaccines or other.”

En route to Ottawa and expected to arrive Saturday, the convoy has been sparked by government measures to stop unvaccinated truckers from crossing the Canada-U.S. border — and has grown into a conservative movement opposing other COVID-19 restrictions put in place by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government.

Conservative politicians and Canadian volunteers opposed to vaccine mandates are throwing their support behind the growing group of vehicles, which was reported to be 20 kilometres long as it worked its way through Saskatchewan and Manitoba on Tuesday.

As the convoy entered the province where its main protest will take place, its role as a litmus test for Canadians’ views on the pandemic, two years in, was on full display.



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