New Series ‘Reacher’ Laser Focused on the Consummately Alpha Male

I have been concerned about the “sissyfication” of America. We have even published a series of articles titled SISSY WATCH USA here, here, here, here and here.

In our column America’s Sissy Problem we wrote:

We do have men, real men, who carry themselves with an air of authority, purpose and meaning. Most of these men are active duty or former military, law enforcement, first responders and veterans of the Iraq, Afghanistan, Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Today instead of real “alpha” males we have “soy” boys.

Hollywood has lead the charge to demasculinize films by using “soy” boy actors and effeminate characters as role models for young men and boys. Male characters, especially white males, are many times portrayed as effeminate, lazy, incompetent, unreliable and even criminal. Hollywood has bought into the non-binary/genderqueer LGBTQ+ propaganda.

I thought all was lost until I watched the new Amazon Prime Video series “Reacher.” Reacher is no “soy” boy or sissy. He’s the consummately binary Alpha male. wrote this about Amazon Prime’s Reacher:

Reacher series creator Nick Santora has since put all casting complaints to bed when his team locked in literal Titan Alan Ritchson—who is actually 6’2” and younger than his literary counterpart, but who cares?

Ritchson’s physical presence may be the most compelling part of season 1, where, as readers, we’re still overcoming the uncanny feeling of seeing a literary character brought so faithfully to life. (By god, a streaming service finally did it.) And while Reacher does stray from its source material to fill its eight episodes, the tone and pacing of the story does the novel more than cinematic justice; we’re starting to think that maybe the series should have been TV shows all along.

Watch the Prime Video official trailer for “Reacher”:

The character Reacher is played by Alan Ritchson. Alan, and his character Jack Reacher, reminded me of those alpha male characters I grew up with including: Allan Ladd as Shane, Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven, John Wayne in Stagecoach, Roy Rogers in Utah, Humphry Bogart in Casablanca and many, many others.

Alan Ritchson’s character is a square jawed, physically fit, male who says little but his actions speak louder than any words.

This series hits all of the right notes about family, growing up, standing for what is right, doing what is right, taking risks to protect the innocent and defeating bullies and bad guys.

It is a no holds bared resurrection of manliness. Of a man standing against all odds and winning. A drifter, like Shane, who knows how to use a gun and gets justice where justice is in very short supply.

Interestingly gave Reacher 3 stars, while parents gave it 4 stars and kids 15+ gave it 5 stars. We rate Reacher as a must watch series.

We highly recommend that families, especially fathers with their sons, watch this series and show it to those who are 18 and older.

Hopefully, they will understand, after watching Reacher, what a real man can be and must do.

As John Wayne, in the 1939 classic western film Stagecoach said, “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”

Jack Reacher does what a man’s gotta do!

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