Why was Disney’s Cruise Line taking kids to Jeffery Epstein’s Little St. James ‘Pedophile Island’ for years?

We have been writing about Disney’s very public policy to groom children for pedophiles. We recently received an email with a link to a News Punch article titled “Revealed: Disney Cruise Charged Kids $75 To Visit Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’.”

News Punch included an infographic of the Disney Cruise Lines promotion of the Captain Nautica’s Snorkeling Expedition which reads in part:

Captain Nautica’s Snorkeling Expedition

Be whisked away aboard the captain’s RIB power boat to a pair of sun-soaked snorkeling sites – and prepare for an adventure like no other. Journey to picturesque Turtle Cove, Buck Island and immerse yourself in an underwater wonderland, where you’re invited to swim and snorkel amidst a school of sea turtles for approximately one hour. Afterwards, make your way to your second snorkel stop – Little St James Island – where curious fish dart back and forth in the clear blue water…

News Punch reported:

A Disney owned and operated a cruise line in the Caribbean offered a snorkeling trip for children to Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious “Pedophile Island” for years.

The day trip to Little St James, known as “Pedophile Island” to locals, was priced between $60 and $75 for children aged 8 years and older.

What really happened on Little St James, the 75-acre private paradise in the US Virgin Islands that billionaire sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein once called home?

NCtravelgirl10 from Greensboro, North Carolina gave TripAdvisor a review of the Captain Nautica Snorkeling Expedition stating:

What a fabulous day! Captain Darrin was wonderful from the time we booked our trip all the way until the day of. Great communication and even offered us a closer location for pick up near our resort. Darrin is born and raised in the USVI and his local knowledge is incredible. We made it over to Little St James and over to St. John for a wonderful day of snorkeling with the fish and turtles, lunch in Coral Bay at Lime Out Taco Boat and a great afternoon. Captain Darrin is very safe and a great driver. This is our 4th trip with captain nautica and I would highly recommend it,….never gets old! Thanks Darrin!

Epstein’s island is called Little St. James and is located in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Ironic isn’t it?

The Independent reported:

A criminal complaint from the attorney general of the US Virgin Islands, which is attempting to seize Little St James as government property, described it the perfect hideaway and haven for trafficking young women and underage girls for sexual servitude, child abuse and sexual assault”.

Here’s a video from the Independent showing what happened on Epstein’s Island:

The Bottom Line

The Great Saint James, U.S. Virgin Islands are approximately 165 acres (67 ha) in size, and is located 0.4 kilometers (0.25 mi) southeast of Saint Thomas. The island was most notably owned by financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, along with the neighboring Little Saint James island.

Little Saint James Island was owned by Jeffrey Epstein and is up for sale. We decided to verify if Disney and Disney Cruise Lines was in fact visiting Little St. James island. Disney Cruises has for many years offered Captain Nautica’s Snorkeling Expedition to families on the Disney Cruise Lines.

In order to dock and use the ocean surrounding either the Great Saint James a private island or the Little Saint James Island would require that a fee be paid.

By Disney Cruises offering this snorkeling adventure they may have inadvertently for years been supporting Epstein.

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