Impeach Joe Biden for the Border Invasion

Five Texas counties declared the crisis at the southern border an “invasion” and called on Texas Governor Greg Abbott to stop illegal immigration.  Dead bodies, gang-rapes, and aliens coming through in camouflage clothing are now common occurrences in these counties.

Joe Biden’s open borders policies are to blame.  Here are some more policy changes to add to the long list I’ve given you in previous commentaries:  Joe Biden is legally obligated to spend money Congress has appropriated to continue building Trump’s wall, but Biden won’t do it.  The Biden administration just approved subsidized health insurance for illegal aliens in Colorado.  The administration is quietly removing Trump-appointed judges from immigration courts and replacing them with pro-alien appointees.  The administration is also dismissing immigration cases by the tens of thousands in what observers call “de facto amnesty”.   The administration is also allowing people who have worked with designated terrorist groups to enter the U.S. legally.

The threat to national security from Biden’s open borders policies is growing.  Experts say there are more people who get away from border agents than are apprehended and most ‘got-aways’ are military-age males.   There are now so many Muslims entering the U.S. illegally – including Muslims from terror-prone countries – a special shelter has been built for them just over the border in Tijuana.

Potential terrorism is not the only problem arising from Biden’s open borders policies.  Illegal alien criminals with felonies are supposed to be deported, but Joe Biden just said Driving Under the Influence charges would not count.  He must have forgotten the case of the nun who was killed by an illegal alien driving drunk in Virginia in 2010.  I haven’t.

Meanwhile, deadly fentanyl continues to pour across the border, so much even Congressional Democrats are complaining.   Another problem not getting nearly enough attention is widespread identity theft as illegal aliens seek U.S. credentials to work.  The 51 migrants cooked to death in a truck in San Antonio recently were, sadly, just a few of the hundreds who die attempting to enter the U.S. illegally – over 700 last year alone.  Finally, a government study confirms what we already knew – one-third of illegal aliens let go under the Biden administration’s catch-and-release program end up absconding.  Nobody knows where they are.

The White House just told us again “the border is closed.”  Surely they must know how stupid they look saying this when five Texas counties and anybody else with a lick of sense can see it’s an “invasion”.   If Republicans take back the House, they might impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for failing to faithfully execute the nation’s immigration laws.  I hope the Republicans don’t stop there. I hope they impeach Joe Biden for high crimes and misdemeanors.  His loyalty is not to you and me.  His open borders policies show his allegiance lies elsewhere. Joe Biden hates America and he’s trying to destroy it.  For that, he should be impeached and thrown out of office.

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