Bernie Sanders’ Dark Money Political Coordinator Launches #DontRunJoe

Someone had to fire the first shot in the circular firing squad. And it was always going to come from the Left. No matter how much Biden appeases the Marxists, they’re always going to turn on him.

It’s the nature of the snake.

And yet too many Democrats think that the extremists who want to destroy America support their party.

A progressive grassroots organization that supported Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) 2016 and 2020 White House bids announced on Monday that it will launch a campaign to oppose President Biden’s reelection in 2024.

RootsAction wrote in a press release that Biden has been “neither bold nor inspiring” since taking office early last year. And because his “prospects for winning re-election appear to be bleak,” it will launch the #DontRunJoe campaign on Nov. 9, one day after the midterm elections.

RootsAction is a thinly disguised anti-war lefty group.

Its co-founder and national director, Norman Solomon was “immersed in anti-war, social justice and environmental movements since the late 1960s, he is the author of a dozen books including “War Made Easy” and “Made Love, Got War.”

The campaign coordinator, David Swanson, “is an author, activist, journalist, and radio host. He is director of His books include “War Is A Lie.” He blogs at and”

And just because you couldn’t do this without Iran…

“Hanieh Jodat Barnes is an Iranian American activist, and one of the founding members of Women’s March Los Angeles, and a former board member of Women’s March California and LA. As a Bernie national delegate, she co-founded Muslim Delegates and Allies and currently serves as the National Director of Lift the Sanctions Campaign. Hanieh is a state delegate at the California Democratic Party and for her work, as an activist, she has been recognized by the National Iranian American Council as one of the 40 Iranians under 40 to inspire the community.”

And then there’s Sam Rosenthal.

“Political Director: Sam Rosenthal is an organizer and researcher based in Washington, DC. He previously served as the political director at Our Revolution and in elected leadership with Central Brooklyn Democratic Socialists of America.”

Our Revolution was a key part of the Bernie machine.

Our Revolution, however, has sent dozens of emails in recent weeks to its supporters touting the work it’s doing to get Sanders elected. The group’s chairman, Larry Cohen, detailed in an email Monday how he had spent a week in Iowa mobilizing 5,000 volunteers to caucus for Sanders.

Our Revolution national political coordinator Sam Rosenthal wrote in an email in November: “[I]f we do our job, we will have the opportunity to vote for Bernie Sanders to become the next President of the United States … help Our Revolution elect Bernie Sanders and fight big money in politics up and down the ballot!”

I’ve written quite a bit about One Revolution.

His book is named after Our Revolution, a 501©(4) “social welfare” organization that he set up to influence elections and which can accept unlimited amounts of money from donors without disclosing them.

According to Our Revolution’s former organizing director, it was set up that way to “take big checks from billionaires.”

Our Revolution, Bernie’s dark money organization, planned to solicit money from Soros. Due to the secrecy of both Soros and Our Revolution, it’s hard to know whether Soros ponied up.

But we do know that Our Revolution got its largest contribution of $100,000 from the Sixteen Thirty Fund which is partly funded by George Soros.

Attacking Biden and building a list is one way to announce the beginning of a Biden takedown from the Left.

NOTE: Visit the Don’t Run Joe website.


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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

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