Black Lives Matter Mob Rallying for Monster Confronted By One of His Victims

This happens all too rarely and it’s a shame because it allows leftists and the media to turn their latest monster into a martyr with soft-focused photos and sketches.

Arabella Yarbrough says she thought she and her 2 kids were going to die Wed. night, after she says Tekle Sundberg fired these shots through her apt. She says she called police. Sundberg was shot and killed by MPD ending a 6hr standoff. More on this, tonight at 10. @kare11— Deevon Rahming (@DeevonRahming) July 17, 2022

What started as a rally for a man shot and killed by Minneapolis Police quickly took a turn after the mother of two nearly hit by bullets while inside her apartment showed up to share her story on Saturday afternoon.

Arabella Yarbrough was cooking food for her children Wednesday night when she says Tekle Sundberg fired bullets into their home, nearly hitting them. Police responded and helped Yarbrough escape when according to police, Sundberg also fired at officers. That led to a six-hour standoff outside the building that lasted until MPD snipers killed the 20-year-old early the next morning.

“I literally had five minutes to live while he had six hours to choose life or death. The police stated they did not want to kill him,” Yarbrough told Fox 9.

Activists are still “demanding answers”.

People gathered Saturday afternoon to honor Andrew ‘Tekle’ Sundberg while demanding more answers after he was shot and killed by law enforcement on Thursday morning.

The answer here is pretty obvious. The only question here is “What the hell is wrong with you people”.

Two Minneapolis police snipers shot Sundberg early Thursday morning, ending a six-hour standoff that began when police were called to the apartment complex at around 9:30 p.m. on a report of shots being fired inside the building. A mother with two young children called 911 and told dispatchers someone was firing shots through their apartment.

Minneapolis police spokesman officer Garrett Parten said the fatal shots were fired around 4:30 a.m. following six hours of negotiating with the man, who had barricaded himself inside an apartment on the 900 block of 21st and East Franklin Avenues in the Seward neighborhood.

According to a search warrant, while officers were attempting to evacuate the building, “officers started taking fire,” prompting them to leave the building and call the Minneapolis SWAT Team.

More answers are clearly needed, as to why this took six hours.

But the idiots who adopted him and their lawyer still insist that Tekle should still be alive and shooting at people.

His parents, Cindy and Mark Sundberg, adopted Tekle from Ethiopia when he was just four years old.

“My heart goes out to that woman (Yarbrough). She went through a very traumatic event with those bullets coming through her house,” said Mark Sundberg.

Along with their attorney, they empathized with the terror Yarbrough felt that night, but say their son should still be here.

“It’s two different incidents. It’s the shots going through her (wall) and what we are here for, when Tekle was shot,” said Mark Sundberg

I’m thinking it’s the same incident. Much like Hitler invading Poland and shooting himself in the Fuhrerbunker.

 “We can do both things. We can feel terribly for this woman, but also remember that Tekle should be here with us and he should be alive and we can ask the Minneapolis Police Department to do better,” said the Sundberg family attorney, Jeff Storms.

The MPD should do better. It shouldn’t take six hours to put down a gunman who’s shooting at people. That’s a worse record than Uvalde. It should take 15 minutes or less.

Do better.


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