It’s Really About Just One Thing Isn’t It? The Truth or Censorship!

1. British doctor on the Made-in-Boston chimeric virus which killed 80% of the Chimeric mice. (I think Alex Berenson may be totally full of it on this one. This newest gain-of-function work may really be dangerous.)

Given that the news is basically nothing but leader material for what you are to think about what you are to experience, I wonder a couple of things about this story. Assuming it is true, and our stalwart British doctor explains it is, when did they really make it? And when did they release it, and who funded it? Because if they told us this much, what they didn’t tell us has to be that its already in the public and widely spread. And although the doctor explains that the vaxx cannot provide any protection from it, and even more bravely he explains that natural immunity will be better than the vaxx but still not very good, its still probably meant to frighten people into massive vaxx uptake this fall and winter. Halloween come early.

2. Dr. Theresa Tam does her part to scare the crap out of everyone to prepare us for the usual BS. Masks, vaccines, no socializing. The new WEF normal. Lots of lying about the effectiveness of the mRNA gene therapies and most comically, claiming what MANY doctors and scientists say are vaxx damage symptoms are actually from  Covid.

3. Let’s compare and contrast a communist Canada and its propaganda with what the elected leader of a democratic province of Canada (at the moment) of a free minded people say about Covid and covid measures imposed by authoritarian governments.

As an aside, not that it has anything to do with results, but for fun I looked up the method of counting the votes in Alberta, who got a fairly rational, Western thinking more or less libertarian leader, and it appears to still use human scrutineers to determine who voted for what, as opposed to a closed-source computer that consistently seems to select far left authoritarian candidates. No relation though, between the vote counting and the results I’m sure. Rather, I’m sure there is no way to verify the results of closed-source Dominion voting machines.)

4. Judge grants depositions of Fauci, Jen Psaki and other high ranking Biden officials in case over ‘collusive relationship’ between administration and social media companies to ‘censor free speech’

A federal judge has ordered Dr. Anthony Fauci and a slew of other high-ranking Biden officials to be deposed over the government’s alleged collusion with social media companies to ‘censor free speech.’

On Friday, the court granted the request brought by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, both republicans. 

Both accused the Biden administration of having ‘worked hand-in-hand’ with social media giants to ‘censor’ news stories that reflect negatively on the White House and called it an ‘egregious attack on our First Amendment,’ a report said.

(We all must watch this closely. The results of this may show exactly how corrupt the judicial and executive branches might be)

5. Let me be as clear as I can about this. “Diagolon” is a joke. A meme. It was one Canadian veteran who came up with the idea for a new country where freedom minded classical Canadians from the West would form a new polity with Florida and other US Constitutionally minded people from the US. The resulting new polity on a map would have diagonal borders on both sides and as a joke, they called this new fictional place, “Diagolon.” It is as much a threat as is Lilliput. And as far as I know, (barring some other activity or charge about which I have no knowledge), the man they jailed for coming up with the meme is no more a threat than is Johnathan Swift. The groups he interacted with, also invented another nation called “Circulon”. It was to contain all the lefties who wanted to force everyone to take experimental and dangerous gene-therapies and force masks on people and forbid the sick from getting effective and safe therapeutics. I myself am looking at a map and connecting smaller communities hoping to make a new country without having to move anyone anywhere. I plan to call it, “Checkertopia”.

Thank you all for reading these pages and considering these ideas against the onslaught of enemy propaganda intended to obliterate all your concepts of reality as you have held them for your life so far.

In the video we posted yesterday of Dr. Chris Shoemaker, he gave some astonishing statistics in his speech. One of which, was that sperm counts dropped in men who had the mRNA gene-therapy shots, (allegedly for Covid19 although they seem to do nothing whatsoever to prevent it or lower the outcomes from having it), by a whopping 50% and for 6 months. So is it any surprise that the government wants us to take these shots every six months even though any protection you get from the shots lasts maybe 3 weeks?

This goes a long way towards the thesis of this site, that all policies from Covid measures, the forced vaxx, deifying homosexuality, making having children and marriage itself to be not worth the effort, and many many more policies and cultural shifts are really about one thing. Stopping people from having children. Watch his video again if you have already for more stunning statistics.

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column posted by  is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

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