VIDEOS: The War on Christmas & Repressive Tolerance

Johnny U posted a worthy Op-Ed from the Washington Times in a much appreciated comment he left at Vlad this morning.

Thank you John, for that and for all your contributions to this site.

The Op-Ed is about the war on Christmas being in fact about a war on America. This is of course true. But the author went to war and left his guns, uniform and C-rations at home. While he noticed that there seems to be, shall we say, inequities in how Christmas is treated by the left and left influenced institutions, he didn’t offer any understanding as to why.

I would like to post my response to that comment here, and with an additional example beyond the response to the comment.

Anyone reading that article should acquaint themselves with the concept of “Repressive Tolerance”.

This, if memory serves, is a Frankfurt School Marxist based tactic.

One uses the concept of tolerance to try and get people to deconstruct all their own traditions and concepts and culture in order to show tolerance to others, while promoting all the others at the expense of your own.

The author of the Washington Times article described the effects quite well, even if he left out the best examples of it and showed lack of awareness as to its strategic origins and nature.

In terms of examples, I would point out that while we are increasingly no longer allowed to acknowledge Christmas, disapproving of women in burkas is a hate crime and closer and closer to a criminal offence every day.

This is Repressive Tolerance at work.

A few years ago, we subtitled a series of videos by a Polish academic on Marxism where he covers this concept. But it is dense and not fun watching even if it is very important and explains a lot. Much like Stephen Coughlin. In fact, Maj. Coughlin actually used those videos in some of his writing and briefs.

But here is James Lindsay, (the Prof. who busted the whole peer-review process with the publication of his phony essay on “Rape Culture at a Dog Park”) demonstrates how repressive tolerance was devised and is used.

Ultimately, one uses tolerance to do two things.

  1. Move the culture ever leftwards
  2. Be maximally destructive to Western Civilization.

Subsequent to writing this response to Johnny, an example of same leapt to my attention on my phone. Almost as if Google was carefully tracking my interests.

Here is the aforementioned Polish academic explaining how Marxism uses homosexuality as a destructive force on Western civilization

(Actually it’s about much more than that, and worth every second of the 13:42 it lasts.)

Now in case anyone gets the idea that you can beat this thing by simply not going to see crappy commie themed movies like the one she references, let’s stop and think about what a social credit score and CBDC actually means. If you don’t go and see whatever propaganda is put out before you, and pay for it with what means you have, you just might get turned down for that critical loan or other item you need for yourself, your business or your family. Hell you may not even be able to see your family.

For that matter, you may not be able to access what you thought of as ‘your own money’. I think a few hundred truckers and people who contributed small amounts to a legal protest over removal of basic civil liberties in Ottawa may be able to see how that can happen.

And if anyone still thinks that the scenario I just described is too far out to be true, you simply have not been paying attention for the past twenty years. Even the last three.

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column posted by is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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