Psychologist Ordered To Undergo Re-Education

Criticism of Justin Trudeau, the dictator of Canada, may sound like a lot of fun – but not for Dr. Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist, best-selling author, and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto.

Peterson has been told he must submit to “re-education” and social reconditioning after criticizing comrade Trudeau’s Covid-19 travel ban as “‘unconstitutional and vindictive.”

Peterson has dared to speak the truth, including truth-isms like men can never become women just by surgically removing their breasts and taking testosterone – as actress Ellen Page, now calling herself Elliot Page, did in 2020.

Peterson was kicked off Twitter for refusing to use Ellen/Elliott’s new pronouns and not acknowledging that she’s a man – because, of course, she’s not.

Peterson revealed that he has been ordered to undergo six months of coaching to “refine his social media etiquette” and to help him “review, reflect on, and ameliorate (his) professionalism in public statements.”

Peterson first gained prominence in 2016 when he publicly refused to participate in proposed Canadian legislation, which has since become law, that bans “discrimination” based on gender identity or gender expression. His crime was refusing to give in to “compelled speech” that required him to use improper pronouns.

In 2019, as a consequence, Cambridge University withdrew Peterson’s fellowship. In 2020 Penguin Random House in Canada attempted to block the publication of his book, calling him an “icon of white supremacy and hate speech.”

Peterson has endured almost as much bad press and attacks from the cancel culture as Donald Trump. Still, like Trump, he continues to fight on and refuses to bow to the mob. Peterson has a lot on the line, but we hope he refuses to participate in his university’s latest charade.

American conservatives have, and will continue to, welcome him with open arms.

EDITORS NOTE: This Christian Action Network column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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