The Globalists Will End All Human Suffering — Ha! Ha! Ha!

Some call them the globalists.  I call them the international authoritarian Left.  Whatever you call them, they are increasingly explicit about their aims and it’s easy to see they’re up to no good.

They suffer from the gnostic fantasy – the ancient notion they possess some kind of special knowledge the rest of us are too stupid to understand.  They are willing to pursue any means – however despicable – to end all human suffering on earth.  So let’s take a look at the world they want to create and see if human suffering will truly come to an end:

Devotees of the World Economic Forum want to reduce meat and rice production and consumption to fight so-called climate change.  Won’t this hurt meat and rice producers?  Why do you think Dutch farmers are fighting their insane government’s policies designed to put them out of business in the name of climate change?  I’ll give you another example.  Sri Lanka implemented the same disastrous policies previously, only to have food prices skyrocket and the entire country crash and burn as a result.   Sounds like suffering to me.  But don’t worry, there are plenty of bugs to go around.  Yummy!

The U.N., the source of several child sex abuse scandals, called for the decriminalization of sex between adults and minors all over the world.  What about those vulnerable children who will fall victim to predatory adults?  What about their suffering?   Some kids who are sexualized early just can’t handle it.  I remember reading a story about a 15-year old boy in Annapolis who met with an older man for sex for several months, but ended up stabbing the man in the stomach with a knife.  The boy was conflicted and in distress.  There are reasons age-of-consent laws exist.  The suffering of children would just be beginning under the globalist plan.

There is more the globalists want to do to you in the name of climate change.  JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon also worships at the altar of climate change.  He wants the government to seize land under eminent domain to build solar and wind farms.  Eminent domain sounds just, but my experience as an attorney tells me landowners get screwed – they never get fair compensation from the government for their land.  What about their suffering?

The World Economic Forum praises ‘15-minute cities’ as a good way to fight climate change.  Everything you need – work, home, shopping – is just a 15-minute walk, bike ride, or public transit trip away.  Leftists scoff at the idea this could ever lead to lockdowns and taking residents’ freedom to travel away, but Oxfordshire in England has already approved plans to put electronic gates on key roads out of the city to fight climate change.  You have to ask permission to leave and, if you’re lucky, the city might say yes.   Too bad if a family member in another location is sick, your family is just out of luck.  Suffering all around.

But travel generally assumes you have a car.  The globalists don’t want you to have a car, or they want you to share cars with strangers.  This is because there aren’t enough critical minerals for a green energy transition as they admit, so we have to take everybody’s freedom away to make it all work.  Anybody who likes being free is going to suffer.

And that is the key point – freedom.  The globalists want to take your freedom away in order to run your life and save you from yourself.  They want to employ new technologies, like brain implants to monitor your thoughts, and those who master those technologies will become the Masters of the World.   You can count on them to control you through your healthcare and your social credit score.  From each according to their ability, to each according to their obedience.   Disobey your masters and your digital currency will be cut off, not to mention your life-saving drugs.

They admit you will suffer in the short-term.  There will have to be a shock to get through to the other side where the New World Order transformation awaits – kind of like the dictatorship of the proletariat in communist theory that never seems to end in the real world.  But don’t worry, just over the rainbow lies the model type of society we will all live under – China.  China, with its one thousand concentration camps for political prisoners, its forced organ harvesting, and its thought control starting with no access to the world Internet.  Yah, that China.  These are “tremendous achievements”, Klaus Schwab the head of the World Economic Forum says.

But look on the bright side:  After your masters are done telling you what to eat and what to do, done limiting your travel and tracking your every move, done controlling your thoughts, taking your freedom away, and crushing the human spirit, there will be no human suffering left.  It will have been completely eradicated.  But let me suggest to you the end of all human suffering will become the suffering.   As George Orwell put it, people who pursue noble ends with despicable means will never reach those ends because they will become despicable themselves in the process.

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