Millions Losing Faith in Wannabe Dictator Biden’s Two Tiered ‘Justice’ System

‘Can’t vote our way out of this injustice’

Millions losing faith in our system over Trump-Biden divide: ‘Can’t vote our way out of this injustice’

By Michael Goodwin, NY Post, June 13, 2023:

Watching the Tuesday circus in Miami and listening to media poohbah pronouncements about the gravity of the moment, I recalled a conversation with a friend about the indictment of Donald Trump.

He repeated a phrase he had heard recently: “We’re not voting our way out of this.”

“This,” of course, is a reference to the great divide tearing America apart, and Exhibit A is a Democratic president’s willingness to use the Department of Justice as a weapon against his leading Republican rival.

There are many good reasons why no former president has ever faced criminal charges, and it’s not because they behaved as angels for the rest of their lives starting the minute they left office.

It’s because previous generations understood there had to be limits to the use of government power, or the country would tear itself to pieces every time the presidency changed hands.

But the far-left wing that has taken over the Democratic Party always knows best and believes it can cancel its opponents by shutting them up or, in this case, locking them up. As always with them, this time is different because they are morally superior people.

So while history was being made in a Miami courtroom, it’s the kind that inflames the political and cultural chasm while offering no solution to the millions who feel left out.

For many of them, Trump was the reason they had any faith in the political system at all.

To see him tripped up by a president and a Department of Justice they believe is rigged against the opposition only fuels their estrangement.

Their disgust suggests some possible meanings to the rest of phrase that “we’re not voting our way out of this.”

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