Hamas-linked CAIR’s Decades of Antisemitism Unmasked

No surprise here. And since the mainstream Left is also antisemitic, it has mainstreamed and lionized this unsavory and sinister Hamas-linked group.

CAIR’s Antisemitism Unmasked

by Steven Emerson, IPT News, June 16, 2023:

The Washington PostTime Magazine, NPR, the Southern Poverty Law Center, USA Today, the ACLU and even Davos have all described—and several of them have actually also honored—CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, as a “civil rights group.” This label bestows total legitimacy on this organization by anointing it with the same aura of respectability as those who fought in the trenches for the civil rights of Black people with Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy Jr. And most recently, the Biden Administration announced that CAIR would play a role in educating the country about the threat of antisemitism.

We live in a world where facts are inverted and the truth is turned upside down, but the reality—buttressed by cold hard demonstrable inarguable facts laid out in this book from documented sources—is that CAIR is a radical Islamist Hamas front group whose DNA is dominated by antisemitic genes.

Two years in the making, this new book is the product of extensive meticulous research into the most dangerous Islamist political group in the U.S. today—CAIR. It is dangerous because it was created as a front group for Hamas in 1993—in a secret meeting of Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas leaders, including CAIR’s current leader Nihad Awad, held in a downtown Marriott Hotel in Philadelphia in 1993, a meeting the FBI wiretapped.

Since its corporate inception in 1994, CAIR has been the number one promoter of incendiary vile antisemitic tropes and conspiracies in the U.S. by any “mainstream” Islamist group. I use the word mainstream in quotations because CAIR has successfully duped virtually the entire media establishment—many of whom have willingly collaborated—into portraying this Hamas front group as a “Muslim civil rights organization.” CAIR is soaked with antisemitism, yet we hear NOT a word about this reality from the gatekeepers.

To the extent CAIR continues to get away with injecting the poison of antisemitism and its support for terrorism into the American bloodstream, it is a stain on the integrity of those institutions—the media, the political left, mainstream religious groups and leaders, and some 150 members of members of Congress who have appeared at CAIR events or have sent them congratulatory missives. CAIR’s outspoken antisemitism is matched only by its fierce defense of terrorist groups such as Hamas and its championing of scores of convicted Islamic terrorists in prison in the U.S. Read the incendiary antisemitic exhortations by CAIR officials at their events that if uttered by right-wing white supremacists, would be reported on the front pages of the New York Times, as incitement to violence….

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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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