New Independence Day Video: ‘What My Free Speech Means to Me’

There’s nothing like living under communism to give you an appreciation for the First Amendment right of free speech.

My Potomac Tea Party is releasing a new video today entitled ‘What My Free Speech Means to Me’.  The video features nationally known figures who have been canceled one way or another, and prevented from speaking.   But they persevered, and I am more than happy to help them get their message out.

Xi Van Fleet is a refugee from Chinese communism.  She has made numerous appearances in the last few years trying to warn Americans about the parallels between today’s ‘Woke’ culture and Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China.  The left-wing indoctrinated student government at Whitworth University prevented her from speaking on campus, earlier this year.   In our video, she talks about how the right to free speech not only includes speaking your mind, but includes the right to hear other people speak their minds, as well.

Xi is followed in the video by Jim Simpson, a book author and lecturer who has written a history of major communist theorists, entitled Who Was Karl Marx?.    One of the theorists in the book is Herbert Marcuse, who propagated the idea of ‘repressive tolerance’ – which is essentially ‘free speech for me, but not for thee.’  Jim discusses in the video how the hard Left enjoys unfettered free speech while working assiduously to take free speech away from the political Right.  That’s repressive tolerance in action – the Left will tolerate only hearing its own opinions and repress any contrary opinions.  Jim has also written a great deal about the Red-Green Axis, how the Left and sharia supremacists make common cause.  He was scheduled to speak on the subject at a Baptist church in Michigan, but the event was cancelled after pressure was brought to bear.

Nationally known Tom Trento of the United West is next up in the video.  He has been cancelled and curtailed on social media for his unpopular views about, among other things, moving the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The last speaker in the video is an Angel Mom, Sabine Durden-Coulter.   The term ‘Angel Mom’ means she lost her son to an illegal alien drunk driver, somebody who had no right to be in the country.  The Left is a bunch of open borders crazies so, of course, they tried to shut her up and stop her from talking about this.

What the Left doesn’t understand is that Sabine, as well as the other speakers in the video, will never give up.  They, as well as I, feel the right of self-expression right down to the marrow of our bones.  That’s a more powerful force than any wide-ranging  censorship exercise the Biden administration and other outposts of the Left can put together.

If you’re on the Left, here’s my message to you: You may be terrified of the truth, but you will never shut us up.  Watch our new video on the Potomac Tea Party channel on YouTube, and begin to get some inkling of what you’re up against.   You’ve lost already on this issue, you just don’t know it yet.  Free speech now and forever.

©2023. Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.

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