VIDEO: On Hitler and the Nazis’ Leftist Socialist Beliefs

This video is 5 hours long. The probable reason is that the left after WW2 did everything they could to distance the horrors of the Nazis from their reputations as representatives of the left. The same thing happened after people learned about the gulags, arbitrary detentions and imprisonment and of course, more deaths than any statistician would be comfortable accurately tabulating lest he become one of them. The left also tried to distance itself from Soviet and North Korean horrors but that wasn’t quite as easy as it was to convince people that the shots are safe and effectivIslam is the religion of peace aliens are attacking US military basesthe ozone hole will kill us all, Y2K bug will kill us all, killer bees will kill us allbee colony collapse will kill us allglobal warming has already killed us all the Nazis are somehow “far right wing”.

I have not seen it all yet, but based on his past videos I take it as an act of faith to post this as I do plan to watch it all over the week as his other videos have been very good. He has even found very important errors in James Lindsay’s material but still does recommend Prof. Lindsay’s videos.

I look forward to any and all comments on this video. It actually does matter if the Nazis are left or right wing because frankly, it appears that the Nazis have rebranded and are at it again.

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column by is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

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