Tucker on Twitter, Episode 8: ‘Fat Guy In A Costume,’ Accept His Lie or Pay the Consequences, Bigot

“Rick from Boston is telling us he wants to be known as female Admiral Rachel Levine. Accept his lie or pay the consequences, bigot.”

‘Fat Guy In A Costume’: Tucker Carlson Mocks Rachel ‘Rick’ Levine For Pushing Trans Ideology

By: Nicole Silverio, Daily Caller, June 30, 2023:

Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson mocked Rachel Levine, the assistant secretary for health in President Joe Biden’s administration, in Friday’s episode of “Tucker on Twitter.”

Carlson called out Levine, who was born Richard “Rick” Levine, for shifting from being a husband and father of two to pushing transgender ideology by identifying as a woman and wearing feminine clothing while being well into adulthood. Levine is the father of a daughter, Danya, and a son, David.

“Few Americans in our history have come as far as Rick Levine. Here’s a fat guy in a Halloween costume who somehow became the federal health minister. … What we have here is living proof that in this country, you really can be whatever you want to be,” Carlson said. “If Rick Levine can become ‘Admiral Rachel,’ why can’t you be Napoleon? Or Lord Mountbatten, the last viceroy of India? Ever see that guy’s uniform?”

The Daily Caller co-founder said Levine’s “personal journey” is not to empower people, but rather to become more powerful.

“The point of Rick Levine’s amazing transformation is not to free you from the inflexible husk that you were born in, so you can be more fully yourself, whatever you decide that is. No, that’s not the point,” he said. “Rick Levine’s personal journey has nothing to do with you. It’s about him, it’s his journey. Your fantasies about becoming something totally new and different have not been approved yet. In fact, they’re weird.”

“Shut up and be proud of Admiral Rachel,” he continued. “She’s the one who has smashed glass ceilings, and you’ve just got some kind of weird fetish. So actually, now that we’re saying this out loud, it’s pretty clear that Rick Levine has no interest in liberating you from anything. This is not about liberation, it’s just the opposite. It’s just another religious war, same as all the others. The people who think they’re God versus everybody else.”

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