France: Leftist and Muslim rioters savagely beat 80-year-old priest, leaving him unconscious

There is no room for Christian priests in the France that is coming.

Father Francis Palle beaten up and left unconscious,” translated from “Le Père Francis Palle tabassé et laissé inconscient”

by Marie Delorme, Tribune Chretienne, June 30, 2023:

Father Francis Palle, 80 years old and member of the congregation of Saint Vincent de Paul in Saint-Étienne, was brutally attacked by rioters. The events unfolded on Friday, June 30, leaving Father Palle seriously injured and unconscious.

According to eyewitnesses, a group of rioters suddenly attacked Father Palle, surrounding and targeting him for no apparent reason. They hit him with extreme force, knocking him hard to the ground. Worse still, these individuals continued to beat him when he was already on the ground, leaving the priest in critical condition.

In addition to this brutal attack, the attackers also committed a theft by taking Father Palle’s mobile phone and wallet.

Local authorities were quickly alerted and dispatched an emergency team to the scene. Father Palle was immediately taken to the nearest hospital, where he is currently receiving intensive care for his serious injuries.

This brutal attack sparked outrage and dismay within the local community and beyond. Members of the Congregation of Saint Vincent de Paul, as well as many residents, rallied to condemn this act of inexcusable violence and expressed their support and prayers for Father Palle’s speedy recovery.

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