VIDEO: Arizona/Mexico Border—Come Right On In!

In 2019, Tom Trento and The United West team went to the Cochise County, Arizona border with Mexico to gain a full understanding of our country’s border situation. In this video you will see how vital it is for America’s national security interests to have a completed 24-foot border fence/barrier. Mexican cartels are utilizing our porous border, as seen in this video, to illegally bring in cocaine, fentanyl, marijuana, and human cargo.

I say cargo because these illegal immigrants pay the cartels $6,000 per person to have the cartels provide a ‘coyote’ to deliver them across the border. If an illegal can not pay the cartel they will have these individuals pay off their debt as sex slaves, mules, or any services the cartel wants of their human slaves.

You will see how easy it is to breach our borders in some areas. The problems of drugs and human trafficking have reached epidemic proportions endangering U.S. Citizens living on the border, putting law enforcement at risk, and the illegal aliens who become victims of the cartels.

There are no winners here and a strong border security system will help not only us American’s but also the exploited illegals not willing to immigrate legally to the United States. Now you’ve seen the border without filtering so you can make up your own mind.

Watch our 2023 documentary DEATH COUNTY & THE RIVER OF BROKEN DREAMS:


EDITORS NOTE: This Defend the Border video exposé is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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