VIDEO: Michael DiBari ‘Uncle Sam’ Recognized at American Liberty Awards

Patriot Michael DiBariUncle Sam was recognized at the American Liberty Awards.

WATCH:  Michael DiBari’s Remarks at time 10:40.

Michaels Mission Statement for Red Pill Expo 2021

“If you’re here you are awakened.  People know what’s going on, but feel trapped in a system and powerless to do anything about it.  I’m not as trapped as most, but have reached limits to what I can do alone.  This appeal is to those seeking to join in fighting for liberty.

Of course the easy thing is to donate, become a patron, or purchase my products.  But even more I’m looking for technical skills  –  video editing and web marketing.  I have 100 hrs. of video for posting.  If you wish to try your hand, email me your expertise and I’ll send you footage to edit.  You’ll receive credit  –  and compensation if you desire, such as I can afford.

This must go forward or die.  Many express admiration for what I’m doing.  This is a chance to add power to those kind sentiments.

There’s a slim chance we get through what’s coming with least damage.  But no chance, if we don’t make an effort.  If you can’t give one way, try another  –  not just for me, but for anyone doing things you can’t do.

I’m doing something here perhaps no one else is daring.  Please help me do it.”

Uncle Sam serves as  Morning News Host, Tuesday through Thursday, 9:00 am Eastern at

His  informative  and sometimes  dangerous  videos can be seen anytime at  www.Banned.Video.

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