Who Will Stop the Current Madness?

n the perceptive and trenchant article below Victor Davis Hanson offers a flawless prescription for what ails America.

He quotes Leo Amery who was a British Conservative M.P. who served as First Lord of the Admiralty and Colonial Secretary during the 1920s, but it is for aiming at Neville’s Chamberlain’s government, sitting on the Treasury Bench, Oliver Cromwell’s famous lines delivered to the Long Parliament on April 20th. 1653 for which he will always be remembered: “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.”

On May 7th. 1940 the debate in the House of Commons in which Amery spoke those words started quietly enough but it turned out to be one of the most significant debates in British history. As it progressed Chamberlain knew his government was in peril. Although he won the debate by a decent margin a hundred of his own M.P.s either voted against him or abstained. On the evening of May 10th. Winston Churchill became prime minister. Earlier that day Hitler’s powerful mechanized army had invaded Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland and was on its way to France.

Only the Royal Navy had the might to challenge Nazi Germany. The British Expeditionary Force and the Royal Air Force were outnumbered. France would be defeated by the end of June at which point a triumphant Hitler and his Nazis bestraddle a subjugated Europe. Britain stood alone but something had happened in that damp grey island, something that no one had anticipated. The British parliament at the eleventh hour in a revolt of conscience snatched power away from the men of Munich and summoned to the colors the one man who, for almost a decade despite being mocked and ridiculed, had foretold and warned against everything that had come to pass. Within two months Winston Churchill rallied his countrymen and became the world’s symbol of resistance to Nazi tyranny. He would lead his country to victory with his indispensable allies after six long and devastating years of world war.

Casting his eye across the bludgeoned American political landscape and witnessing the lawlessness and devastating wreckage committed against us, our constitution and our American way of life by the determined and treacherous leftocracy of the Democrat Party of which Joe Biden is an ornament, Professor Hanson asks who will speak for America the way Churchill and Leo Amery spoke for Britain in its hour of lethal danger. Who, indeed?

Who Will Say No More to the Current Madness?

By: Victor Davis Hanson | Aug 11, 2023

Britain slept in the 1930s as an inevitable war with Hitler loomed.

A lonely Winston Churchill had only a few courageous partners to oppose the appeasement and incompetence of his conservative colleague Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

One of the most stalwart truth-tellers was a now little remembered politico and public servant — Leo Amery, a polymath and conservative member of Parliament.

Yet in two iconic moments of outrage against the Chamberlain government’s temporizing, Amery galvanized Britain and helped end the government’s disastrous policies.

In the hours after Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, there was real doubt whether Chamberlain would honor its treaty and declare war on Germany.

A Labour Party member, surrogate Arthur Greenwood, got up in the House of Commons to announce that he would be speaking for Labour on behalf of his ill party leader Clement Attlee.

Immediately Amery interrupted, shouting out, “Speak for England, Arthur!”

He was met with overwhelming applause and soon public acclamation.

After all, Amery was a political voice in the wilderness warning that neither his own party nor the opposition Labour party was speaking or acting for the real interest of the British people.

Amery, a shocked Greenwood, and others had finally had enough of the partisan nonsense, and demanded the nation unite against Nazi Germany.

Hours later, Britain declared war on Germany, the first major power to do so.

On a second iconic occasion on May 7, 1940, Amery voiced even stronger views — again, widely held by the public, but rarely voiced by the timid political class.

The inept Chamberlain government had just lost a winnable Norway campaign to Germany.

Amery responded with a blistering attack on the incompetence of the conservative Chamberlain administration by quoting Oliver Cromwell’s hallmark 1653 order to the Long Parliament: “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.”

Three days later after Amery’s speech and the invasion of France, an ill Chamberlain and most of his advisors resigned. Churchill became prime minister. The rest is history.

We need a voice like Amery’s. Like Britain from 1939 to 1940, America is in existential danger.

The Biden administration has utterly destroyed the southern border — and immigration law with it.

Biden green lighted 7 million illegal aliens swarming into the U.S. without legal sanction or rudimentary audit.

China spies inside and over the U.S. with impunity. Beijing has never admitted to its responsibility for the gain-of-function COVID virus that killed a million Americans.

President Joe Biden printed $4 trillion at exactly the wrong time of soaring post-COVID consumer demand and supply shortages. No wonder he birthed the worst inflation in 40 years.

In response, interest rates tripled, gas prices doubled.

Our military is thousands of recruits short. It lacks sufficient munitions.

Following Biden’s humiliating pullout from Afghanistan, vast troves of arms were abandoned in Kabul. Billions more in scarce weapons were sent to Ukraine.

The Pentagon’s woke agenda trumps meritocracy in promotions and advancement.

Our enemies — Russia, China, Iran, North Korea — are on the move, while the U.S. seems listless.

The Biden renegade Department of Justice, CIA and FBI have become weaponized. Ideology, politics, and race — not the law — more often guide their investigations, intelligence operations and enforcement.

The downtowns of our once majestic major cities are becoming unlivable.

They are mired in refuse and trash, violent crime and homelessness. Stores and businesses leave. Millions each year flee the blue urban coasts to the red west and south.

To even say there are still two biological genders, that global warming may not be entirely manmade or necessarily destroying the planet, or that class, not race, is the proper barometer of inequality is to face ostracism and career cancellation.

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