Miss Iraq Blasts Biden for Funding Anti-Semites

Even Miss Iraq …..

‘Shame on you, Biden’ – Miss Iraq blasts US funding of Palestinian Authority

Sarah Idan, former Miss Iraq, takes aim at the Biden administration and Saudi Arabia over funding of Palestinian Authority, after Mahmoud Abbas launches into antisemitic rant on Holocaust.

By World Israel News Staff September 8, 2023:

Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan took aim at the Biden administration and other governments funding the Palestinian Authority, after footage went viral this week of Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ antisemitic tirade.

On Wednesday, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) released a video of Abbas’ address during a Fatah party meeting last month, during which the PA leader pushed the canard that Ashkenazi Jews are descended from Khazar converts and are thus “not Semites.”

The PA chairman also denied that Jews were singled out during the Holocaust because of Nazi racial theories, and instead posited that Hitler targeted Jews merely because of their “social role,” accusing European Jews of harming the social fabric of Germany with “usury” and other irresponsible behavior.

Abbas went on to accuse Israel, the US, and Britain of orchestrating attacks on Sephardic Jews in Arab countries after 1948, in order to encourage immigration to the new State of Israel.

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