VIDEO: Son of Vietnamese family that escaped Communism in 1975 runs for U.S. Senate

I am a Vietnam veteran. I support a free Vietnam. Free from Communism. Free from oppression.

I was happy to see the son of a family who fled Vietnam running for the U.S. Senate. His name is Hung Cao.

WATCH: Captain Hung Cao’s message to understand what we are facing in America.

Hung Cao on his website states, “what is happening at our southern border with Mexico is an invasion.”

Not only have Joe Biden and Tim Kaine allowed millions of illegal immigrants to pour into our country, they have also allowed in a flood of drugs like fentanyl that are killing Americans in record numbers every single day.

We are seeing military-aged males from countries like China, Yemen, Somalia, and Haiti cross our border from Mexico. I’ve been to over forty countries in the world, but you don’t have to take it from me: those men didn’t walk to Mexico, to walk into our country from there.

The whole world knows that Joe Biden has placed a “Welcome” sign on the Mexican border.

People who hate us have accepted that invitation.

As Senator, I will stop it. We will build the wall, we will secure the border through advanced technology, we will support the Border Patrol and border states, and we will repel this invasion.


Retired Navy Captain Hung Cao came to the United States as a refugee from Vietnam in 1975. He was commissioned as a Special Operations Officer (Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Deep Sea Diving) from the United States Naval Academy, and served with special operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

Hung’s non-combat assignments included balancing the Navy’s $140 billion budget at the Pentagon, working with Homeland Security, and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Hung received his Masters degree in physics from the Naval Postgraduate School, and fellowships at MIT and Harvard.

He and his wife April are the parents of five beautiful children. After their thirteenth move across the United States, and around the world, Hung and April moved their family home to Purcellville, Virginia where they have been active in their community and church.

Learn more about U.S. Senate Candidate from Virginia Hung Cao by clicking here.

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