Soros’ Open Society Foundation Funds Purchase of 22 Papers in Maine

More evil.

Hostile foreign actor buying up legacy and social media. America is living under the boot of a hostile regime.

George Soros Helped Fund Purchase of 22 Papers in Maine

By Peter Malbin | Newsmax | 19 September 2023

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and the medical-device billionaire philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss were instrumental in the nonprofit purchase of nearly two dozen respected local newspapers in Maine, including the Portland Press Herald, the Lewiston Sun Journal, and the Kennebec Journal, reported.

The National Trust for Local News says it received funding from Soros’ organization, but denies that the Open Society Foundations provided funding specifically for the purchase of the local papers.

But Semafor reported that Soros and Wyss did donate funds so the National Trust could acquire the papers, and the donations had not been previously reported.

In total, the Soros-backed National Trust acquired five daily papers and a further 17 weekly publications in Maine, the Daily Caller reported.

Both Open Society and Wyss gave millions to the National Trust for the purchase of the Maine newspapers, Semafor reported.

Wyss is a major funder of American progressive organizations, funneling nearly $500 million into left-wing advocacy groups. Americans for Public Trust, a watchdog group, alleges that the Swiss billionaire uses a foreign influence loophole to perform his philanthropy.

A Media Research Center report found that Soros has donated $52 million to media organizations since 2003. According to the MRC, some of these donations breach the Society of Professional Journalists’ ethical code regarding conflicts of interest.

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