TUCKER ON X: Transgender, Inc. Genital Mutilation is Not Just a Fad. It’s a Full-Blown Industry.

Here is Episode 28 of Tucker on X, the latest expose on Trans, Inc. the gender mutilation industry.

Here is the time line on the key facts presented in this episode:

  • (1:11) Transgenderism: not a fad (2:49)
  • Sex changes: a big money maker (5:44)
  • Puberty blockers (15:22)
  • Trans surgeries: the grisly details (16:40)
  • Injuries (18:00)
  • What happened to FGM? (19:00)
  • Muslims & Sex Changes (20:15)
  • Thanks, Obama (23:19)
  • Behold the neophallus (27:23)
  • Eunuchs (29:30) The Trans Pritzker (31:00)
  • Trans Marxism (36:30) Who’s profiting? (38:10)
  • ESG for trans (39:47)
  • Long-term effects

©2023. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


GENITAL MUTILATION IS A FULL BLOWN INDUSTRY: Report Says 602 Underage Canadian Girls Had Breasts Cut Off

Confession? LGBTQ+ Activist FREAKS Out Ranting Trans/Queers Will Be Killed Now That Florida Passed Death Penalty For Child Rapists

Space Force General Admits Access to Gender Surgery a Bigger Priority than Accepting Qualified Candidates

Transgender Surgery Leaves People Lonelier, Depressed: Study by Transgender Surgery Dept. Chair

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