After Massive Looting, Soros DA in Philadelphia will ‘Take It Easy on Looters’

The ruin and destruction of our cities is all by design by the left.

Progressive DA will investigate if Philly rioters are ‘fundamentally law-abiding people’ before prosecution

By Gabriel Hays • Fox News

Krasner was impeached in 2022 by state lawmakers who accused his policies of exacerbating crime in the city

Progressive Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, who has been accused of being soft on crime, assured reporters in recent days that he will investigate the people involved in widespread looting of the city in an “even-handed way.”

Krasner, who was impeached by Pennsylvanian Republicans last year for policies they alleged exacerbated crime in the city, claimed that he will weigh whether those arrested in connection to the looting have been “fundamentally law-abiding people” throughout their lives despite their antics over the weekend.

Krasner made his comments at a pre-planned crime summit at St. Joseph’s University on Saturday following last week’s crime spree where crowds broke into multiple Philadelphia stores, stealing products and destroying property.

Among the stores hit were an Apple Store, a Rite Aid and a Dunkin’. Philly police have released more security cam footage this week for others to help them identify more suspects who can be brought to justice for the incident.

At the summit, Krasner told FOX 29 there will be judicial restraint while prosecuting criminals.

He said, “We’re going to prosecute people in an even-handed way. We’re not going to let any judge – who thinks there is a caste system, and some people get better treatment than others – we’re not going to let any judge disturb the peace of this city.”

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WATCH: Soros-Backed Philadelphia DA Reassures ‘Fundamentally Law-Abiding’ Looters

By Karl Salzmann • The Washington Free Beacon

Soft-on-crime Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner (D.), who is overseeing a murder wave in the city, said his administration will find out whether violent looters who were caught on video are “fundamentally law-abiding people.”

“We’ll look carefully to see whether this is a one-off situation and they’re fundamentally law-abiding people, hold them accountable one way,” Krasner told Fox 29 on Saturday, “or whether they are criminals and they are all about taking advantage of some sort of unrest for their own benefit, and they will be prosecuted another way.”

Looters late last month hit stores throughout Philadelphia, which “stretched the resources of the Philadelphia Police Department” to the limit, according to Fox 29. The lootings came as Philadelphia faces an unprecedented crime spike under Krasner.

Krasner, who in 2017 received millions of dollars from left-wing megadonor George Soros, campaigned as a progressive prosecutor who would overhaul Philadelphia’s criminal justice system. During the 2020 George Floyd riots, he called for “policing” to be “defunded in favor of things that work better.” Since then, murders throughout the city have skyrocketed to their highest numbers in decades, with more than 500 Philadelphians killed last year, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

The Pennsylvania legislature in 2022 moved to impeach Krasner, saying he “failed to prosecute violent offenders, withheld relevant facts in cases, and violated victims’ rights,” the Free Beacon reported. The move failed after a Democratic judge intervened to halt proceedings.

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