Highly Respected Pollster John McLaughlin Predicts Trump Win by Landslide in 2024

I agree 100% but this will require us America First/MAGA voters to turn out with a massive vote to overcome the inevitable cheating by the left and never Trumpers.

And here’s what McLaughton has to say about the RNC’s support for POTUS Trump: “The RNC has not come to bat for him; the Republican National Committee – they haven’t put a lawyer in any of these courtrooms trying to defend Donald Trump. I mean, what is the point of having an opposition party? If your leading candidate can go to jail and, and mark my words, they want to put Donald Trump in jail.”

Don’t send a single penny to the RNC or any PACS for anything—donate directly to the candidate(s).

In Trump’s case donate to directly to Donald J. Trump.

Highly-Respected Pollster Predicts 2024 Outcome

Story by David Rufful • American Insider

Highly respected pollster John McLaughlin recently stated that he is expecting an “electoral landslide” in favor of Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election.

This statement comes as President Joe Biden has continually lost approval across the nation, and “Bidenomics” has proved to be a disaster for the middle class.

In a recent interview, McLaughlin pointed out that as Trump has been hit with more legal opposition, his numbers in the polls have risen as well.

“We see, apparently, every time the Department of Justice or a state left-wing district attorney indicts Donald Trump, his poll numbers go up,” Tennessee Star’s Michael Patrick Leahy said.

“I’m looking at the Morning Consult poll today. Just came out: Trump 61; DeSantis 13; Haley 7; Ramaswamy 7; Pence 5; Christie 3; Scott 1; Burgum 1. Trump by 48 points.”

“Morning Consult has Trump and Biden tied, but I’ve seen Trump up 9 in the Washington Post poll; and Trump up 3 in another. The polls say it’s looking good for Donald J. Trump,” he emphasized.

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