Israel’s Existential Threat is America’s Existential Threat as Well

Make no mistake about it, this horrendous attack on Israel has been orchestrated, planned, paid for and supplied by Iran.

Israel is only the “Little Satan” America is the “Big Satan.”

This is Israel’s 911.

There is every reason to believe a more disastrous 911 is planned for America. The stage for this calamity was set by the Obama/Biden administration years ago and was added to by this White House.

America has been appeasing Iran for many years, has stopped enforcing sanctions and most recently paid 6 Billion dollars to Iran, released Iranian criminals and has continued to negotiate with Iran which spits in America’s eye whenever it wants. This is reminiscent of what occurred in 1939 when the allies decided to appease Hitler.

It appears we are waiting for Iran to perfect nuclear weapons before we try to deal with them. This is what happened in 1939 when Hitler overran Europe and started World War II.

Will we ever learn?

Israel’s failure is one of complacency, America is even more complacent.

There is little doubt that many potential terrorists have entered the U.S. through its open Southern border.

Yes, our Southern border is virtually open to American terrorists. Iran must be stopped now or America will suffer disastrous consequences.

War Returns to the Middle East

Hamas’s surprise attack is a reminder of Israel’s existential peril—and the growing risk to U.S. allies.

By The Editorial Board • Wall Street Journal

he scenes of Israeli civilians gunned down in the streets, children and grandmothers taken hostage, and Palestinians cheering it all are awful to behold. Israel is on the front lines, but all of the democratic world is a target.

One myth busted is that Palestinians will live in peace with Israel if they get a state of their own. Not as long as Hamas and Islamic Jihad can terrorize and dominate Palestinians. Israel ceded Gaza to the Palestinians in 2005, but Hamas took over in 2007 and assassinates anyone in the territory who challenges its goal of expelling the Jews from all of Israel.

And please no more condemnation of Israel’s “blockade” or “occupation.” Israel has been allowing 17,000 Gazans to work in Israel each day and would like to allow more. No Israeli government can afford to give up control of more territory that could become a launching point for Hamas attacks.

The temptation at the White House will be to give Israel a week or so to respond with a free hand, and then lean on the Netanyahu government to stand down. That is always the U.S. pattern, but it shouldn’t be this time.

The attacks on Israel, horrible as they are, at least provide some moral clarity about the stakes in the Middle East. One side seeks the destruction of Israel and the Jews. The other arms itself to protect its citizens and state from that destruction.

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