VIDEO: A Promethean Vision for the Future

We love our country but fear our government. What we are seeing in America today is a weaponized government that is actively working against we the people. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are slowly by shurly fading away, one government edict, policy or regulation at a time.

We now more than ever must be strong to save our Conditional Republic.

QUESTION: But how?

ANSWER:  Become Promethean!

SDictionary provided the video below on the meaning of Promethean stating, “Of or pertaining to … Daringly original; boldly inventive or creative … Of enormous size or strength; extraordinarily strong.”

On October 8th, 2023 published column titled A Promethean Vision for the Future with video.

wrote, “In a truly great moment in history, such as the American Revolution or the revolutionary moment we are living through now, it has always been the leadership of courageous visionaries, devoted to and willing to sacrifice all in service of mankind and its posterity, which has led to a positive outcome. Or, lacking that leadership, a tragic one.”

WATCH: A Promethean Vision for the Future

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