HAMAS TERRORIST RALLY, ORLANDO, FL, 10.14.23: Watch a Screaming Jihadi In Yoga Pants

On October 14, 2023 our investigator went to a Pro-HAMAS rally in Orlando, Florida. Below is a 5 minute video overview of that “Jew-Hate Rally.”

Please Note:

  1. A Muslim woman leading Muslim men. (…the times are a changing!).
  2. Very poorly attended. (maybe, even Muslims realize HAMAS is ISIS).
  3. The use of “Zionist” instead of Jew (this is supposed to trick you into thinking this is NOT Jew-Hate).
  4. The total ignorance about the facts of this war.


WATCH: “The Screaming Jihadi in Yoga Pants.”

The Screaming Jihadi in yoga pants aka Rasha Mubarak, organized this poorly attended rally.

The Hamas rally is in response to the ongoing Israel/Hamas war. Many believe Iran started this war to derail the Israel/Saudi Arabia alliance under the umbrella of the Abraham Accords.

Daniel Greenfield made some brilliant observations below.

SJP says, “The “martyrs” are the Hamas terrorists.

It added that “every settler is an aggressive occupier even as they sit comfortably in their stolen homes” and that “there exists only a colonizer and a colonized, an oppressed and an oppressor” meaning that all Jews and non-Muslims in Israel were legitimate targets for mass murder.”

Islamic terrorism is a reality. It’s a hard and sharp edged reality. It’s knives, bullets and bombs. It’s fires and broken glass. It slashes its way through an unreal fantasy world of media and social media, of celebrity gossip, movie trailers, trending topics and the nonsense that fills our heads and our everyday lives.

Daniel Greenfield writes,

“It’s too real because we’ve become unaccustomed to reality. The thing about reality is that it’s ugly. Like a patient dying in an ICU or like the smell of a dead animal in a slaughterhouse, it’s a reality we don’t like to confront. And we’ve built elaborate systems to keep us from confronting it. A big enough attack, a massive spectacle, can cut through all the layers of imaginary things coating our brains and our eyes.

But the familiar reasserts itself. Unity breaks apart. We start blaming each other and arguing over the right response. And we discover that we are much more comfortable fighting each other than Islam.

In Israel, it’s beginning to happen already just as it did in America.

A week ago, Israelis on the left were seriously asserting that Netanyahu was planning to make himself king. And then suddenly a shocking and horrifying reality arrived. Will Israelis pull together? They have for the moment. But the usual political players are maneuvering for advantage. The families of the hostages are threatening to shake the government. There’s grousing about inadequate preparation. And the conspiracy theorists have already arrived to explain that the whole thing was clearly done by the government because how else could it have missed the Hamas attack. (This shortly after the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur during which the government missed a much larger invasion.)

All of this is normal. But normalcy is exactly the problem.

The only way to fight Islamic terrorism is to leave a dysfunctional normalcy behind and rediscover what it means to be a nation fighting for its survival against enemies whose evil is utterly unmitigated.

Out of such stone, great nations, peoples and heroes were once carved.

But for many the reality of Islamic terrorism is an unwelcome distraction from whatever rabbit holes they’ve gone down. Fantasy is more malleable, more exciting and less painful than reality. In fantasy, you are a main character, whereas in reality, you’re someone cowering under a table waiting to die.

And who wants to live in reality? Strong men and women, not necessarily physically, but mentally and morally, who are not easily swayed or crazed, who stick to common sense and hard choices.

Unfortunately the peoples of the world have become weak, crazed, deadened, maddened and, like the former citizens of Byzantium, determined to keep fighting each other to the last minute while the Islamic hordes advance.

Reality is inescapable. We saw that in Israel again, just as we see it with every act of Islamic terrorism. It’s the outside world breaking through the illusions we’ve embraced and forcing us to look up from them. We can either wake up and stay awake. Or we can go back to sleep until we perish.

Rabbit holes are interestingly convoluted places, but spend enough time in them and you die.

Get out of the rabbit holes, stand together, fight the enemy and live.”


EDITORS NOTE: This The United West video exposé is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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