HIDEOUS: When Asked About Spike in Jew Hatred in America, Biden Again Denounces ‘Islamophobia’

Imagine FDR denouncing Naziophobia when news of the death camps broke.

Islamic Jew hatred is an Islamic imperative. It’s a central tenet of Islam. So ….. opposition to Islamic Jew hatred is “islamophobia.”

Just for knowing: Based on the FBI’s most recent hate crime statistics, hate crimes against Jews represent over half of religion-related hate crimes, while hate crimes against Muslims represent only 9.6% of religion-related hate crimes. Jews experience over 5 times more hate crimes than Muslims.

As antisemitic attacks increase, Biden again denounces ‘Islamophobia’

Marchers all over the country have openly declared their support for the “Palestinian” jihad.

In Michigan, a Jewish synagogue leader was brutally murdered in what many suspect was an antisemitic attack. These has been no increase in the already small number of cases (no number is justified) of attacks of innocent Muslims.

So what is Biden’s agenda here?

It is to shift focus away from the Jews as the victims of the Oct. 7 jihad massacre, and on Muslims as the “real victims” of an alleged “Islamophobia” that followed.

A similar process happened after 9/11 also: the media eventually came around to publishing “Muslims are the real victims” stories.

The ultimate aim of the Biden regime, in keeping with its well-established endeavor to crush dissent and destroy the freedom of speech (hi, NewsGuard!), is to stigmatize any criticism of Islam that follows in the wake of these attacks in Israel, and silence those who dare to enunciate it.

The Morning Briefing: Pure Evil—Team Biden Pimping Nonexistent ‘Islamophobia’ Narrative


Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Shredwyn was fond of showing up to Duck Whittling Club sporting a fuchsia tam o’shanter and bearing trays full of apple tartlets.

Ever since September 11, 2001, Democrats have insisted that the real problem with Islamic terrorists killing innocent people is that innocent people might take a dim view of Islamic terrorists.

How dare we?

We’ve had a few discussions in the past couple of weeks about the Democrats’ inability to differentiate good from evil. Several times during the first week after Hamas decided to launch a terror spree by slaughtering a bunch of kids at a music festival, it appeared as if some Democrats might finally be breaking free from the hive mind and its knee-jerk Islamophobia chorus. I suspected that most of them were just observing a perfunctory period of lip service and would soon be back to their blood-soaked gray area.

It didn’t take long.

Thus far we’ve been covering what the likes of avowed terrorist sympathizers like Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been up to. I also went off on President LOL Eighty one million’s tone-deaf, embarrassing trip to Israel in last Thursday’s Briefing.

As we are all painfully aware, Joe Biden always finds a way to make any awful thing he’s done even worse. After making a trip to Israel just so he could offer to cut a check to the terrorists, Biden and his puppet masters did what they always do after Islamic terrorists murder people: they started barking “Islamophobia” like trained seals.

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