Biden’s Leadership Wins Approval . . . From Russia, China, and Iran

Iranian regime proxies have launched 14 attacks against U.S. servicemen and installations across the Middle East since Hamas unleashed its murderous slaughter of Israeli civilians on October 7. More than two dozen Americans have been injured, and the U.S. did nothing.

Finally, on Thursday, the U.S. struck back.

What did the world’s most powerful military, backed by the world’s most expensive intelligence-gathering network, do?

We sent two F-16s to drop bombs on a pair of ammo dumps used by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps near Abu Kamal, Syria, not far from the U.S. base in al-Tanf that the Iranians have struck repeatedly.

Two F-16s. Two ammo dumps.

The Israelis conduct similar air strikes in Syria four times a week. We wait until we have been attacked fourteen times before we launch just one.

If that weren’t enough, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced that “the United States does not seek conflict and has no intention nor desire to engage in further hostilities.”

You can bet the Iranians are very impressed by that statement.

The Chinese and Russians are similarly impressed. The Russians met with leaders from Hamas and Iran this week, no doubt calling the newest ISIS affiliate to “exercise restraint.”

(Sorry, I was being sarcastic. They did no such thing. In fact, the Russians and the Chinese both backed Hamas at the United Nations this week, leaving the U.S. once-again flat-footed).

We also learned this week that Team Biden has “invited” – their words – the Chinese to get more engaged in the Middle East as the U.S. seeks to distance itself from the region.

That’s like asking the arsonist to come back for cocktails after he burned down your house in the morning.

President Biden has been speaking out of all sides of his mouth on the Hamas atrocities. While Israelis, in their grief, saw him as supportive during his brief appearance with Prime Minister Netanyahu recently, we now know that he demanded Israel delay or outright suspend its ground invasion of Gaza.

Just yesterday, Biden met in the White House with three top American Hamas-supporters, including the Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison and the head of the largest Muslim Brotherhood lobbying group in America, the Islamic Society of North America.

He promised them he would push Israel for a ceasefire  and would deliver US aid to Gaza, where it will be immediately commandeered by Hamas

If there is a silver lining to any of this it’s this: Americans overwhelming support Israel, and have been outraged to witness the pro-Hamas demonstrations on our city streets and on the campuses of our most prestigious universities.

Those pro-Hamas protestors are a key constituent of Biden’s Democrat Party, which partially explains why Biden constantly kisses their kerchiefs. Let’s hope Americans remember that in the next election.

I discuss these stories and the world’s slow-march to war in this week’s edition of Prophecy Today Weekend.

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