No Cease Fire Israel. Keep Fighting!

To the Jewish communities that feel the intense pressure of persecution from the left wing globalist communists as you defend yourselves from the satanic forces of Hamas remember this.

Your enemies tried to defeat you in ancient times and failed. Then they tried in medieval and modern times and they failed.

The pharaohs tried to destroy you, the Assyrian’s tried to destroy you, Babylon tried to crush you, the Roman’s tried to eliminate you, the NAZIs tried to eradicate you, the Soviet Union tried to destroy you, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, the Mueller’s of Iran, all tried to eliminate you from the face of the earth.

Jewish friends, the Pharaohs are no more, Assyria crumbled, Babylon has evaporated, the Romans are gone, the NAZIs were wiped out.

Israel, you will prevail. You are the lion of Judah.

Take back all your lands and do not worry about the globalist sheep who are screaming at you for a cease fire just keep fighting and crushing your enemies.

Tell the left wing globalists who demand a cease fire.

Once the barbaric subhuman satanic Hamas has been wiped off the planet only then will you consider such a thing.

Senior Chief Geoff Ross
USN Retired
Surface Warfare/Air Warfare

©2023. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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