So About That Whole Unrestricted Immigration and Multiculturalism Thing…

1. Time lapse video of massive anti Israel demo in Washington, D.C.

Time-lapse Video Shows Just How Massive Washington DC’s 300K Pro-Hamas Crowd Was

2. Germany: Anti-Israel protestors wave Taliban flags in Essen

More than 3,000 people marched through the city center of Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, on Friday evening as part of an anti-Israel rally called “Gaza under attack.” The result: A crowd marched through the streets of the city of 500,000 with Taliban flags, other Islamist symbols, and the demand to establish a caliphate in Germany, Apollo News reports.

Exactly flags that the Essen police classified to Apollo News as “not prohibited in this context.” On the phone, a responsible press spokesman for the Essen police told Apollo News: “We had experts and interpreters at the meeting yesterday who translated all the flags, banners, and banners. All flags and banners that we evaluated were not subject to criminal law.”

Not to be overlooked, however, at the front of the demonstration is the white flag that the Taliban terrorist militia uses as a flag for their “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.” Also on display was the “Black Banner,” a similar flag that is also popular among Islamists and is used by Al-Qaeda, among others. So obviously flags that show solidarity with Islamist terrorists. In the middle of Germany.

Meanwhile, in London, its a war zone created by the anti-Israel protestors. Video here.

3. Florida doctor who volunteered in Israel after Oct. 7 attack. YouTube will not allow an embed. So it has to be watched at YouTube for now.

4. London’s Metropolitan Police surrender to Hamas supporters

I have to say I like this guy more and more. But he missed the juxtaposition which someone really should do, and we certainly would a few years ago when the time allowed for it. The clips of the police not doing anything about calls for genocide next to clips of the met police arresting or harassing people for thought crimes like, calling a horse gay, arresting a singer of a cover band for singing Kung Foo Fighting, masking a joke on Twitter about transsexuals, a lengthy trial and conviction of one man for retraining a pug to offer a paw when he hears ‘Hail Hitler’ instead of ‘shake a paw’ as a prank on his girlfriend for saying pugs are so cute that nothing they could ever do wouldn’t be adorable. Yes he got jail time for that. These things need to be juxtaposed with police failure to stop genuine hate crimes like calls for genocide and death to jews etc. Probably nothing would expose a central aspect of the dialectic better than that kind of selective enforcement.

PJ Watson on the same issue: (YouTube won’t allow an embed on this one. Sorry)

5. “No Major Incidents Reported” – DC Police After Pro-Hamas Mob Attacks White House Gates, Defaces Statues, Damages Police Vehicles – Conservatives Respond

(Someone needs to tell the Jan 6 prisoners in the gulag with no trial about this one. On top of the dialectic Jews’ insurrection against Israel last month of course)

So when do the pre-dawn FBI raids begin for the pro-Hamas insurrectionists?

The DC Police Department Saturday night defended the mob of violent pro-Palestine-pro-Hamas rioters who attacked the White House gates, defaced statues and rushed Secret Service Agents.

“Several minor incidents, including property damage, were reported during First Amendment activity in the District this weekend. There were no major incidents reported,” DC Police said on X.

“On Saturday, November 4, 2023, at approximately 2:00 p.m., protesters gathered in the area of Freedom Plaza to exercise their First Amendment right to protest. The group obtained a permit in advance and cooperated with the Metropolitan Police Department’s Special Operations Division (SOD), which worked to ensure the safety of the protestors as well as the residents of the District.” they said.

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