The Global Threat of Anti-Semitism: Fascism

The recent Putin’s nuclear escalation, putting Russian nuclear forces on high alert is a sign of the existential threat to humanity. The world is threatened again like seventy years ago by another leader—Adolf Hitler. Ukraine is the victim-country in the center of Europe that knows that the best. Ukraine went through the hell of Stalinism, occupation by fascism in WWII, and now invaded for the third time by Putin’s Soviet Fascism. We can expect millions of refugees! And the American President Joe Biden talks about minor incursion… What a shame!!! Wake up America!!!

I am a political refugee from the Soviet Union, I know their tremendous suffering. But it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like the Russian people. On the contrary, I loved these people and served them as a defense attorney in the Soviet courts for twenty-five years. Even more, I liked Russian literature, poetry and knew them well. Yet, I left the country along with my sick son. I left all my property, having only $90 in my pocket. I immigrated to the United States because we were Jews and my two children didn’t have a future in the country of the anti-Semitic government. Knowing that the American mind can’t perceive the term “the anti-Semitic government,” I’ll try to explain it, but don’t be discouraged, our current corrupt Democrat government doesn’t know it either.

You can start your education at this minute, by watching the TV and listening to the radio—we are in the beginning of WWIII, I have been warning you about for thirty years. Learn how civilians of Ukraine are dying, defending their country and thousands have already fled. Listen to the citizens of Ukraine, they don’t want to live in a country like North Korea or Iran. They will fight for their freedom… Watch the brutal and meaningless destruction of land and everything alive… Remember the grandmothers with guns defending their homes! Remember a woman Olena with a sleeping child on her hands pleading to America for help!! The crime against mankind could’ve been prevented!!! The Democrat Party failed you! The Democrats betrayed us and Americas’ moral principles! This war is a historical shame of America! The blood of the Ukrainian people is on the hands of the Democrat Party’s leadership! This war will be catastrophic beyond Ukraine!

You should learn the lesson of life and death for freedom that has deep roots in our history. You should learn the history of the gigantic incompetence of the American officials who have brought our democratic country to that global crises of war by their incompetence and mismanagement—a geostrategic failure/fiasco. You are watching the Genocide of the 21st century in Ukraine! The tragedy of this war and agenda of the aggressor is clear: to change the regime and steal the Ukrainian FREEDOM! This is the crux of the matter! Putin wants POWER! The Ukrainian people are dying to defend their FREEDOM and reject his control! Those two words Power and Freedom are inseparable, they are the essence of world politics.

I began my story with the anti-Semitic government in Russia for a reason. The tyranny of the Soviet system drove me to emigrate to the U.S. You can read about the troubles and difficulties my son and I had to overcome to become Americans. Baltic Winds Testimony of a Soviet Attorney, XLIBRIS, 2002. Don’t be surprised by the anti-Semitic voices around the world and in our American Congress by so-called Democrats and the “Squad.” Please, remember that the United States Embassy was officially relocated to Jerusalem on May 14, 2018 by Republicans to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Israeli Declaration of Independence…

Anti-Semitism is tied to the current war. Do you know that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a Jew? Yes, he is a Jew and that fact is a bombshell for many in the world. Ukraine has the Babiy Yar, an International cemetery-graveyard for thousands Jewish men, women, and children—the mass graves known to the world. Read the poem Babiy Yar by famous Russian poet Evgeniy Evtushenko. It is about a few Ukrainian policemen in collaboration with Nazis who were shooting those Jews, victims of anti-Semitism. It took place under the Nazis occupation of Ukraine in WWII. President Zelinskyy was democratically elected in Ukraine in 2019. I don’t need more words—Ukraine has rejected and banned its Soviet-Communist past and elected a Jew as the President… You see his leadership and unprecedented courage today!

Religions and Politics

The definition of religion is a controversial and complicated subject. I am not going there. Yes, there are different denominations of faith, but I am not talking about organized religions. For me it is my faith in God. For many individuals, religion is their personal belief and connection with God. The tyranny is depriving you of that freedom. And that exact freedom of religion and personal liberty was forbidden under Soviet-Communist regimes in all countries, including Ukraine under the Warsaw Pact until the collapse of the USSR.

A totalitarian regime afraid of individual freedom, because it undermines totalitarian control and power over the population…

Judaism, perhaps, the most victimized denomination of human beliefs persecuted by politics. You know how the Gestapo was managing the Jews: by gas chambers and mass graves. In Russia, this persecuting force was multi-faceted. I am writing about that force and for your convenience using the term the KGB Mafia/Army. It is a very adequate term to grasp the reality of life under Stalin. The story of his death will illustrate the horror of anti-Semitism even better:

It was 1952 when my parents told me that we will move from Leningrad to another city. I was old enough to know that Jews will be deported from big cities to Siberia, the Far East, or Central Asia. The rumors of the Doctors Plot were spread and the usual propaganda machine was working: that Doctors attempted to poison and murder the leaders of the Communist Party. Those rumors were discussed between the youngsters, too. My parents were devastated, they didn’t know what to do and how to react. In our life the walls had ears, my parents couldn’t discuss the news with me. We were living under the Stalinist police-state regime…

Today, I know that it was the KGB Special Operation, manufacturing a threat that didn’t exist–a pretext to deport all Jews. No Doctors had attempted to murder anybody. Stalin gave the order to the Politburo to prepare the law to execute his order, but thankfully Stalin died March 5, 1953 and we were saved…  Anti-Semitism presents the worst form of racism to “divide and conquer” a white race. Anti-Semitism is a tool for politicians, thugs and charlatans to obtain Control and Power. That tool has given them the opportunity to create the additional force to secure their power: agencies like the KGB or Gestapo.

For your information, the next most prosecuted was the Catholic Church. Stalin proclaimed the Church the enemy of the country, destroying it and almost pushing it from existence in Russia. Only a few Catholic Churches survived in UKRAINE. All other houses of worship were penetrated by the KGB and controlled by the agency. Don’t be confused: Putin used the Orthodox Church to come to power under the Collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Putin is a devoted disciple of Stalin and Andropov. He is a leader of Soviet Fascism today!

Here is a definition of Fascism:” a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.” Please, remember European history and judge the events in Ukraine today. Fascism never sleeps…

Belarus is an accomplice in Putin’s crime of spreading Soviet Fascism in Europe. They will go further by creating Stalin’s agenda of One World Socialist Government under Russian rule. Belarus is a stage ground for Putin’s invasion that means that President Alexander Lukashenko is an accomplice of the crime against humanity and deserves the same sanctions-punishment Putin’s Russia receives. We must protect the world order and stop fascism in Europe!

 Blood of Ukrainian People on the Hands of Democrats

Reading my books and columns, you will find the debates analyzing the identity of Soviet-Stalinism and German Fascism and their stunning similarity. Read my column The KGB’s Roots and Pedigrees, Oct 19, 2017. You will learn that Stalin and Putin have the DNA of Genghis Khan. Take it seriously. I have been warning America for thirty years about Putin’s cruelty and agenda to defeat Western civilization and American capitalism. NATO should help Ukraine now, this minute, to prevent the upcoming Russian forces from reaching Kyiv. It is now or never… Ahead of us a long and bloody guerrilla war. If he needs to, Putin will bring the Chechen brigades to Ukraine and you will see his relation to Genghis Khan.

However, to know Putin as a leader is only half the answer for the solution; the other half is the awareness of his Intelligence apparatus. I use the term, the KGB mafia/Army—Putin and the KGB Mafia/Army are inseparable. The Dems don’t have the remotest idea of the aggressive force and activities of the KGB Mafia/Army within America and globally. Our Intelligence and the FBI have missed that vital information: we have the current world crises as a result. They missed a chunk of Russian history of the 20th century. Russia is in partnership with the KGB Mafia/Army. Read my column: A Global March by Putin’s KGB Mafia/Army. Here is a link:

The “climate change” Biden’s policy is that exact old Soviet KGB’s dirty trick Stalin had used in 1952 to deport the Jews from the Soviet Union. It is unprecedented, but NATO and the American Jews do not know Putin’s regime of Soviet Fascism. Today, in the 21st century, Biden’s administration uses that old KGB dirty trick of “climate change” or “disinformation” to undermine and damage the American Constitutional republic and American capitalism. What a shame! Wake up America!

There is no compromise with the Dems, they are worse than hypocrites, they work in concert with the KGB. Joe Biden has been collaborating with Putin since 2013-2014. He was directly involved by helping Putin to suffocate the young Ukrainian democracy and personally participated in helping the old corrupt regime. You saw Biden’s delaying sanctions strategy and slowing down help to Ukraine today. Personally he is incapable of grasping the seriousness of the world predicament. As I suspected, his staff is managing his presidency. Read about his staff: Threat to Our Freedoms and National Security, August 16, 2021/in CommentaryCulture WarPolicyPolitics /by Simona Pipko

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine could’ve been prevented had Americans known the Truth about Soviet Fascism, conveyed by my books during the last thirty years. It is not Marxism, but Soviet Fascism that wages the war in the center of Europe today. The Ukrainian people have revealed and demonstrated that Truth by their slogan: Putin=Stalin. Yes, Putin equals Stalin; both brought the ideology of Soviet Fascism to the world: Stalin in the 20th century, Putin in the 21st century. The crimes of Soviet Fascism must be exposed and stopped now! Russia must be condemned globally!

My fellow Americans!

Putin is a global threat! He is a war criminal! Putin understands only the language of force!

You are witnessing Putin’s Socialist Revolution in America! The KGB Mafia/Army within our midst is helping Biden to demolish our Constitutional republic. Our national security is at stake. Educate yourself to stop the Democrats’ treason! Read my columns. Stop the enemy of Humanity! It is now or never!

Save America the Beautiful!

To be continued and at

©Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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