Communism and Islam Continue to Work Together Hand-in-Hand

Meanwhile, at a University in Montreal with a well known Lebanese Jewish professor.

Canadian unions are unabashedly communist. Communism is antisemitic. Jews are quintessentially middle class.

CFL fires head of stats crew over antisemitic comments

Camille Awada had already resigned as the president of a major public union over a number of social media posts

OTTAWA – The Canadian Football League has fired a head of its statistics crew and the former president of a major federal public sector union, Camille Awada, after antisemitic posts he made on social media came to light.

”Mr. Awada was a seasonal, part-time CFL employee. The CFL has been made aware of the social media posts. He will not be employed by the CFL moving forward,” CFL spokesperson Olivier Poulin said in an email. […]

Awada’s firing from the league came shortly after he suddenly resigned as president of the third largest federal public service union, the Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE), on Monday.

In a statement released late Tuesday evening, CAPE’s national executive committee confirmed that Camille Awada made multiple antisemitic posts on social media “in years past.”

When asking oneself if the problem with European 20th century was the socialism aspect of Nazism or the fascist aspect, it helps to find the answers to two questions:

A: How many Jews where in the Italian Fascist party

B: How many death or concentration camps where there in Italy

Then, to add emphasis to the answers…

C: How did the Soviet communists treat Jewish people for the entirety of its existence?

In case someone doesn’t know, A lot, zero and the same as the Nazis.

So yes, it was the socialist part of national socialist that was the issue.

Some of you may wonder what the dialectical term, “Intersectionality” means.

Explanation by example:

It is where issues or fictions that can be quite disparate can both be used for the main purpose of the communist revolution. So seemingly ludicrously different ideologies or ideas can be merged to the purpose that really matters to the left. Our extinction. Hence, ‘Islamophobia accelerates Global Warming’. The cognitive dissonance runs deep on that one till you understand it is not meant to be understood. Just feared.

One might think that the best example of Orwellian Newspeak might be a building called, ‘The Museum of Tolerance”.

The perfect place for Muslims to go on a genocidal antisemitic riot.

OK this may be the surface of something much more important than prostitution. Is it about sex slavery? If these women chose to do it, its free enterprise.

But something about the way the clients are picked and how their names were needed with ID smacks of Epstein Island

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