‘Falling On Deaf Ears’: CNN Political Director Throws Cold Water On GOP Candidates Who Say Trump Can’t Win

CNN’s Political Director David Chalian on Thursday threw cold water on Republican presidential hopefuls who say former President Donald Trump can’t win.

Chalian broke down a new CNN poll that found Trump leading his opponents among New Hampshire voters in a poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire and CNN. Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley trails Trump by 22%, garnering 20% of the vote. Both Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy are in the single digits.

Chalian then explained that 52% of those polled said they have definitely made up their minds on who to vote for while 35% are leaning toward a candidate and just 12% remain undecided.

“But if you add in Trump supporters here, just take a look. Those who say Donald Trump is their choice in this primary, 83%, Dana, say they are solidly locked in. That is the stickiness of his support. Eleven percent of Trump supporters are leaning to someone, they consider themselves sort of leaners, five percent still deciding. And as you know, one of the main arguments that we’re hearing from candidates not named Trump is that he can’t win and that argument is falling on deaf ears with this New Hampshire Republican primary electorate,” Chalian said.

“Look at this movement. Donald Trump back in September, 51% of likely Republican primary voters said he had the best chance of winning a general election. That’s now up to 57%. So he’s up six points on electability,” he continued. “It’s not an argument that people are hearing that Donald Trump can’t win the general election.”

Haley has seen her support increase, jumping 14 points to second place in New Hampshire, according to an Emerson College poll. Trump received 49%, according to the poll. A new Quinnipiac poll also shows the former president leading President Joe Biden by two points, the first ever for that poll.



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