Eyewitness Accounts: Hamas Gang Raped Israeli Girl, Cut Off Her Breasts While She’s Still Alive, Then Shot Her in the Head and Continued to Rape Her

What is more depraved – these unspeakable acts or the worldwide support they are receiving?

Eyewitness accounts — Palestinian terrorists gang raping an Israeli girl, then cutting off her breasts while she’s still alive, then shooting her in the head, and then continuing to rape her dead body.

Deeply disturbing account of Hamas’s brutal rape and execution of young girls in Kibbutz Be’eri

Two girls, ages 13 or 14. Pants pulled down around her knees. Remains of semen on the lower part of her back. Bruises all over her body.

Palestinian terrorists didn’t just rape the women. In at least one insane— a woman was tied to a bed, raped, and then — “a knife stuck in her vagina and all her internal organs removed.”


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6 replies
  1. LongTimeTexan
    LongTimeTexan says:

    And idiots in our congress like Rashida Thlib and Ilhan Oman love these violent animal savages because they kill Jews.

  2. GT Void
    GT Void says:

    I throw the BS flag on this one, just like decapitation of babies was a lie. Stop believing the junk they are feeding you to stir you into a frenzy. And remember, Hamas was creted by Israel, and that is in THEIR OWN WORDS.

  3. Larry E Folds
    Larry E Folds says:

    These brutal terrorists are supported by their mothers Their fathers their children and their siblings. They clap and they shout for more. I want to see every Palestinian driven out of Israel will never have peace until these people are gone but I sure as hell don’t want them in my country. These are the most ungrateful people I have ever seen.


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