ITALY: Muslim Sect Promises Global War and a Massacre of Millions Leading to an Islamic World

For the details on this, please see RAIR Foundation

This RAIR Foundation video is about eight minutes long:

Sweden competes with Canada for gold medal in sanctimony, more proof hostages are in Gaza hospitals

Everyone in Sweden believes everyone else should take in Islamic migrants.

Reports Say Israeli Ship “Galaxy Leader” Hijacked By Houthi Terrorists

Reports from Arab media indicate that the “Galaxy Leader,” a vehicle carrier vessel, was hijacked in the Red Sea on Monday by the Houthi group, which is supported by Iran, as reported by The Jerusalem Post.

UPDATE: The IDF explains that while this is a very serious event, none of the crew is Israeli and the vessel itself is not an Israeli ship.

Fascinating clip about Xi’s visit to San Francisco. Watch to the end.

North Olmsted man accused of faking hate crime attack near North Ridgeville

Hesham Ayyad claimed he had been hit by a car driven by a man who yelled things like ‘Kill all Palestinians’ at him. Authorities now believe Ayyad made it all up.

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio — A North Olmsted man is facing multiple misdemeanor charges after police say he faked an alleged hate crime attack near North Ridgeville last month.

According to investigators, 20-year-old Hesham A. Ayyad was originally taken to the hospital on Oct. 22 after telling officers he had been hit by a car in an incident that was “racially motivated.” He claimed the collision took place on Cook Road in Olmsted Township, and North Ridgeville detectives subsequently began looking into the case.

An article posted the next day by the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Cleveland branch shed more light on Ayyad’s version of events. Per the organization, Ayyad claimed he was waking home from lunch when a vehicle approached and the driver rolled his window down. Ayyad reported hearing the driver say things like “Kill all Palestinians” and “Long live Israel” before swerving his car and hitting Ayyad, driving away while screaming, “DIE!”

Israel’s Defence Forces uncover CCTV footage showing bloodied victims of Hamas’ October 7 attacks being hauled into al-Shifa hospital hours after troops allegedly discovered a 55-metre-long tunnel under the complex

Uncovered CCTV footage appears to show victims abducted by Hamas during the October 7 massacre being hauled into Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City.

The surveillance footage shows bloodied victims – believed to be Thai and Nepali migrants taken hostage by the terrorists – being carried into the hospital on gurneys. They appear to have been severely injured by Hamas fighters.

The video, which was released by Israel‘s Defence Forces (IDF) on Sunday, was captured at Al-Shifa hospital the day that Hamas launched its attack on Israel.

It comes as the IDF, who have been carrying out an operation at the medical complex over the last week, said it had found a 55-metre-long underground passage 10-metres below the ground.

Israel has long claimed the hospital – which is the largest in the Palestinian enclave – functions as a command complex for Hamas, with a network of tunnels running deep below used for both ammunition storage and planning

Here is a link to the clip of one of the hostages being taken through a Gaza hospital. We have had this confirmed by our own contacts that this is an accurate video along with the description.

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