The Feds Are Targeting Conservative INFANTS

The coup is now targeting our babies.

Infant Son of J6 Defendant Placed on Quiet Skies Suspected Terrorist Watchlist

By: Wendi Strauch Mahoney,, November 13 2023:

Infant Son of J6 Defendant Placed on Quiet Skies Suspected Terrorist Watchlist

An 8-week-old infant was placed on a secretive terrorist watchlist known as Quiet Skies last week, according to AJ Fischer. The only suspected, but not so reasonable, explanation for the designation is that Fischer is a J6 defendant and the infant’s father. Most alarmingly, it was not even Fischer who booked the ticket for his child. Fischer’s fiancée booked the ticket for herself and the infant, but neither was anywhere close to D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021. They booked separately, weeks apart from Fischer, because he was still awaiting court approval for travel due to his ongoing case with the DOJ. So now, any time Fischer’s fiancée or their infant son travels, their boarding passes are stamped “SSSS” to indicate they are “suspected domestic terrorists” and listed in the Quiet Skies database because of their association with Fischer.

As explained in an Oct. 12 column from UncoverDC, the Quiet Skies program is being weaponized against J6ers—like 20-plus-year military veteran Bryan Smith, who peacefully attended the Jan. 6 protest to contest the 2020 General Election. Quiet Skies is an undisclosed TSA program that “targets travelers who are not under investigation by any agency and are not in the Terrorist Screening Data Base,” according to Smith. Like Smith, all three travelers, including Fischer’s infant, were assigned the dreaded “SSSS” designation stamped below on the bottom right of his boarding pass because he was traveling with his father. Fischer is also a veteran, having served in the Air Force between 2013 and 2017.

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“SSSS” is a concerning designation because it puts in motion a whole set of potentially unwarranted actions on the part of the airlines, TSA, and Federal Air Marshals that result in “enhanced screening” of the targeted individual. The enhanced screening is time-consuming and extensive because it involves swabbing every zipper, pocket, and hem of the targeted individual’s belongings. Targeted individuals are strip-searched and required to open and power up every device they possess. The process can take hours to complete.

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