Marxist led Colombia withdrew its Ambassador to Israel. Seriously?

Colombia expels Israeli ambassador, threatens to suspend relations with Israel

Colombian president Gustavo Petro expelled the country’s Israeli envoy, Gali Dagan, for criticizing the president’s outspoken support of Palestinians and accusations against Israel following the Hamas attack on Israel. Petro said on Monday that Dagan should “at a minimum, apologize and leave” the country, National Review reported.

Dagan’s criticism of Petro came after the Colombian president likened Israeli military operations to the Nazi persecution of Jews, adding, “No democrat in the world can accept Gaza being turned into a concentration camp.”

Additionally, Petro said that Colombia would suspend foreign relations with Israel, as Colombia does “not support genocides.”

The citizens of Colombia fully support 100% the nation of Israel and its right to defend itself from the vermin HAMAS terrorists that decimated and viciously brutalized over 1,400 peaceful Israeli and foreign citizens on October 7th 2023.

It is the Marxist President Gustavo Petro of Colombia that withdrew the Colombian Ambassador from Israel not the people or the republican led congress of Colombia.

The Marxist President Gustavo Petro of Colombia demands Israel engage in a ceasefire yet his pals in his own Communist FARC slaughtered over 440,600 Colombians over the past 6 decades.

Here in Colombia President Petro wants total negotiations with the terrorist FARC and ELN so it’s no surprise he is not supporting the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) swift and decisive military action in the Gaza Strip.

Petro also has an active 6 month ceasefire with his pals in the National Liberation Army or (ELN) the largest communist group left in Colombia thus preventing the Colombian Army (much to their chagrin) from wiping out the last of these vicious communist terrorists.

Petro is just protecting his Communist friends from the Colombian Army, he is not so much concerned with a ceasefire. My opinion.

Petro has a national disapproval rating of 61% and dropping on par with the Marxist Biden in our own White House.

The Republican led Colombian congress continues to block Petro’s economic Marxist socialist destructive agenda.

I do not think President Petro will last his four year term. The Colombian judiciary and Congress will probably end up impeaching him from office eventually for corruption.
President Petros son is also currently under arrest for election campaign finance fraud as the corruption runs rampant in the Petro socialist inner circle as is much the case with the socialist Biden Administration in the USA.

So when you see the nation of Colombia listed as a nation that has withdrawn its ambassador to Israel be advised this action is not supported by the citizens of this great constitutional republic and nation.

It is supported only by the corrupt Marxist President who is despised by the Colombian people despised by the Colombian military and hated by the Colombian Police forces.

©2023. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved. Author is currently on assignment in Bogotá, Colombia


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