The Latest Horror Inflicted on Jan 6th Victim by Democrat Despots

A D.C. judge who found a J6 defendant guilty at bench trial yesterday warned the defendant (who has two special needs children) not to use the money his wife raised in GiveSendGo account.

This is so enraging – more so because our elected officials stand by playing with their puds and look the other way.

Julie Kelly, who is a righteous warrior and singular individual in this fight:

Yesterday, Judge Chris Cooper convicted Jeremy Groseclose of nonviolent offenses for J6. At the behest of DOJ, Cooper then warned Groseclose, who has 2 special needs children, not to spend money his common law wife raised to help their family.

Ivy Leaguer Chris Cooper, who married a top chief of Eric Holder at a ceremony presided over by Merrick Garland, wants to deny this family, already financially ruined, from spending money she raised from private individuals.

The line prosecutor asked Cooper to take Groseclose into custody right away—a man convicted of no violent crime with 2 small children right before Thanksgiving.

How can we send money to his family directly?




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