Biden Regime Abandoning Israel

“Biden administration is setting the stage to abandon Israel. What started off as “We are totally with you in destroying Hamas, which is as bad as ISIS,” is deteriorating into “You don’t have our support unless you can dismantle Hamas very quickly with very limited civilian casualties.” That’s impossible.” — Mark Dubowitz on X

Not only impossible but delusional. We have seen all of Gaza cheer Hamas and the mass slaughter of Jews, many taking part in the October 7th massacre. One hostage escaped and was captured and returned to Hamas by civilians.

Biden’s hack Secretary of State meets with war cabinet and tries to RESTRICT Israel so they won’t be able to eliminate Hamas


Joe Biden’s hack Secretary of State Antony Blinken is pressuring Israel to end their war in Gaza without asking them to actually end it.

According to new reports, Blinken told Israel that the longer this war goes on in Gaza, the greater the international pressure will grow to stop the war.

He even suggested Israel restrict their military operation in southern Gaza in such a way as to avoid more civilian casualties.

Here’s more from Axios:

Blinken met on Thursday in Jerusalem with Netanyahu and the members of his war cabinet.

The possibility of an Israeli operation in southern Gaza was a major topic of the discussion, according to two sources with direct knowledge.

One source called the discussion “a frank exchange of views” — hinting at growing disagreements between the parties on the way forward when it comes to the IDF operation in Gaza.

Two of the sources said Blinken was the one who initiated the conversation when he asked to be briefed on the Israeli military’s plans for southern Gaza and asked how long Israel thinks the military operation will continue in its current scope.

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