Harvard Donors Start to Notice the Shift in Culture at this Formerly Great Institution

Billionaire Harvard Donor, Bill Ackman writes letter exposing the fully communist nature of the culture at Harvard.

Daily Mail: Bill Ackman posts excoriating letter to Harvard’s president Claudine Gay taking aim at anti-Semitism, free speech and discrimination against straight white men and Asian students in the guise of ‘equity’

Billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman took aim once again at Harvard University’s leadership in a scathing open letter in which he highlights their failure to address anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination on campus. 

Ackman, 57, posted the letter on his X page on Sunday. In one section he wrote that anti-Semitism is ‘the canary in the coal mine for other discriminatory practices at Harvard.’

The Harvard graduate also alleged that straight white males are subject to discrimination and denied opportunities at the school.

The Daily Mail article emphasizes Harvard’s antisemitism. But Ackman equally excoriated Harvard for its anti-White hatred, where antisemitism is merely a subset of anti-white hatred because Jews are seen as white. Sadly, this means that while Ackman is capable of observing what is obvious and stating it, he is not yet understanding what is taking place on the Harvard Campus. Communism views things in terms of power. What they view is the group holding power must be overthrown, and those who do not have power must be elevated in what will be a PERPETUAL revolution. Exactly like the pamphlet said in the anti-Israel protest in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago. The photo below is from the Trotskyist League at the anti-Israel demo, Nov. 25th

To get a good read on the Ackman letter, please check out that segment of Today’s Charlie Kirk show.

It is well worth the time. And as Kirk said, when you meet Harvard grads, at least recent ones, its time to treat them as they are. Not as the legacy they bought.


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