VIDEO: What’s the worst thing that can actually happen to you?

I hope you saw my conversation with a reverend at the University of Pittsburgh. Fear is usually the the thing that holds people back, and I took it head on, by asking the ultimate question, “What’s the worst thing that could actually happen to you?”

Maybe the worst thing is not the worst…

Please give this video a watch and the transcript below. 


And stay tuned for Monday as our next Whistleblower was inspired by the exchange:

“We’re the same age. I admire the hell out of you for what you do. I want to become less afraid. 

Well, what are you afraid of? 

Losing my job. And then I have two little kids at home. We have a house. I have a wife. We like a lot of what we do. But we feel like there’s so much truth to tell. 

So what’s holding you back? 

Fear. It’s irrational. 

What are we actually afraid of? Especially Christians. talk about eternal life and they’re worried about losing their stuff and their money.(…) I don’t get that at all. Because you don’t take any of that stuff with you when you die. None of it.(…) And when we’re on our deathbed, I’m willing to bet we’re probably not thinking about our stuff and our money or what type of house we lived in.(…) I think we think about whether we followed our conscience. I don’t have children. So I can’t fully empathize yet. I hope to have children. But I would think that if I did have children, my little boys would appreciate the fact that I followed my conscience. Even if it meant I lived in a smaller house. Or I had to rent instead of own. So you have to really evaluate why is it… What’s the worst thing that could actually happen to you? And maybe the worst thing is not the worst. Maybe it might be the best thing.(…) Because they can stop me and maybe they will.(…) But they can’t stop me and you and like a couple hundred other people.

So they can’t stop all of us. So what we need to do is awaken a sleeping giant.”

In Truth.

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